Friday, September 30, 2022

Home Remedies

Find our list of home remedies and choose the alternative health path for treatment that includes use of herbs, spices, and essential oils.

How to lower blood pressure without medication

Achieving lower blood pressure is of vital importance, since a high level can trigger many consequences, some very serious health, such as kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, among other conditions. Learn how to reduce hypertension properly...

Burning in the Rectum : Causes, Treatment, and Recovery

Burning around the rectum or intense itching in the region can be a very embarrassing and irritating condition. The burning sensation in the rectum can sometimes occur after having a bowel movement, eating spicy foods, or having...

Natural treatment for dry throat

Taking care of the health of our throat must be carried out on a daily basis in order to avoid complications or resort to treatments when it hurts the most. Hence, it is essential that you...

Elderberry Syrup Recipe to Cure a Cold or Flu in 3 Days

When we have a cold or the flu, it is normal for us to want to relieve ourselves as soon as possible, however, some medications are not entirely effective. As an alternative to them we bring you, in this article, the recipe...

The best natural remedy to reduce inflammation of the belly during the night

Adult women are the most likely to suffer from bloating, although many men can get it too. In the case of women, it is due to excessive food intake, the menstrual cycle or derived from...

Home remedies to relieve hoarseness

There are a wide variety of home remedies to relieve hoarseness and get our voice back, the classic remedies of honey, ginger tea and salt gargles are not the only ones we can use...

How to get rid of sugar ants for good

The sugar ants are small black or brown ants that like to feed on sugar and sweet foods. There is a species of ant called the group sugar ant (Camponotus, Consobrinus); However, many people refer...

18 home remedies for hemorrhoids

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids can hardly refuse to seek a solution since hemorrhoids are painful, uncomfortable, itch and burn at the same time and whoever suffers simply wants that to stop or not to...