Medicinal plants to detoxify the pancreas

To maintain a high quality of life, we need our bodies to be able to run like clockwork. But it is not always easy. Sometimes having a poor diet can cause inflammation and the accumulation of toxins. However, there are some medicinal plants that provide natural help to the pancreas.


How to improve the health of the pancreas

You probably know someone with pancreatic problems. Without a doubt, one of the most serious diseases associated with this organ is cancer. But most other problems are related to the pancreas due to insulin. The pancreas is the gland that is responsible for producing stomach acids that allow the digestion of the food we eat. The pancreas is also the one that produces insulin and helps regulate blood sugar. Thanks to this organ, we avoid having diabetes. Therefore, the importance of detoxifying the pancreas plays an extremely important role in the control of certain diseases and conditions related to it.

Medicinal plants to detoxify the pancreas

The pancreas is essential and it is worth knowing the best way to care for it. Do you want to know what medicinal plants can help detoxify the pancreas and how they can improve its functions? Keep reading below.

1. Licorice and banana tea

Do you know the benefits of the mixture of these two medicinal plants? Drinking this tea after a main meal can be very beneficial in detoxifying the pancreas. Add licorice root and a tablespoon of plantain to a cup of hot water, this promotes detoxification of the pancreas. The licorice root contains a molecule that helps control glucose at the cellular level, also acts as anti – inflammatory agent and help heal the pancreas.

Combined with banana, licorice root is a perfect way to avoid the appearance of pre-diabetic conditions such as insulin resistance. Don’t miss out on this tea.

2. Use of green tea

The green tea is a natural antioxidant and every day, something new is discovered about it. A recent study published in the journal Metabolomics, explains that daily consumption of green tea helps promote pancreatic health and protects against the development of cancer.

The key to this is a biological compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate-3-gallate), which is present in green tea. Inhibits the formation of pancreatic cancer cells. This does not represent a cure, but it can help reduce the incidence of cancer and also help detoxify the pancreas. To obtain its benefits, you should only drink a cup of green tea every day.

3. Rosemary and sage tea for the pancreas

It is an excellent tea that is also delicious It is also ideal to drink after dinner, for example. Aside from helping to care for the pancreas, it also acts as a muscle relaxant that helps promote a sense of calm and relaxation while sleeping. The rosemary basically helps reduce inflammation and helps detoxify the pancreas, and is best when consumed once a day. Add a sprig of rosemary and 5 sage leaves to the water and bring them to a boil. You can also add a little honey to it to make it even more efficient.

4. Properties of milk thistle

Milk thistle tea can be easily found in health food stores and even drug stores. This herb contains silymarin, a flavonoid that helps heal and repair the liver and pancreas. For people suffering from fatty liver or an inflamed pancreas, this may be an ideal treatment, although you will need to be patient to see results. Additionally, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of silymarin can help stimulate the growth of new liver cells.

Milk thistle is generally added to therapies for more effective detoxification and to cleanse the liver and pancreas. To prepare this infusion all you need to do is add a tablespoon of seeds to a cup of boiling water. Let it rest and you will take it after meals.

If you are interested in learning more about the healing properties of this plant, you can always consult with your doctor. Generally, a maximum of 450 mg is recommended daily. If you can take capsules it is easier to control the amount ingested, but it is also very easy to prepare it as a tea.

Of the medicinal plants that are mentioned you can choose one that best suits your needs and tastes to drink twice a day.

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