Processed meat may increase the risk of stomach cancer

The consumption of processed meat together with the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, can increase the risk of suffering from stomach cancer, according to a new study, which analyzed 89 studies from around the world.

Stomach cancer or also called gastric cancer, is one of the 5 most common types of cancer in the world. Men are twice as likely as women to develop stomach cancer, and it is more common in older adults.

Evidence linking processed meats to stomach cancer.

There is evidence which suggests that processed meats cooked on the griddle, like meat for burgers and fish on the grill, increases to some degree the chances of developing cancer, but consumption of different fruits citrus decreases the risk stomach cancer.

Consumption of processed meats such as bacon and alcohol consumption have been linked to stomach cancer, suggesting that people who eat 50 grams of processed meat a day are at increased risk of stomach cancer.

The study also indicated that patients who drink three or more glasses of alcoholic beverages a day are also at higher risk.

What are processed meats?

The report defines processed meat as meat that has been preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or by adding preservatives.

Examples include ham, bacon, pastrami and salami, as well as hot dogs and sausages, these foods could be summed up in cold cuts of all kinds.

The experts also pointed out that there is much evidence that the consumption of foods preserved by salting increases the risk of this condition. To this list can be added canned vegetables and salted or dried fish.

The overweight or obese, and is connected to 10 different cancers, can cause  inflammation chronic, creating an environment within the body, which is conducive to the growth of cancer cells. The excess fat can also lead to elevated levels of insulin and leptin hormone, which promotes the cancer reaches maturity.

Symptoms of stomach cancer.

The main reason stomach cancer is deadly is because it is often misdiagnosed and can be confused with other conditions. Symptoms may be non-existent, vague, or are easily mistaken for simple gastrointestinal upset. Most of the time, people have no idea that they have stomach cancer until the symptoms get really bad.

An early detection of cancer could help to clear up doubts, so specialists recommend, go to the doctor before any strong discomfort in the stomach area, in addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

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