Why do some people get fat faster than others?

Although there are certain factors that influence some people to gain weight more easily than others, some can be modified to lose weight.

Surely you have observed that some people eat more than others and do not gain weight or that, eating the same, they do not do it with the same speed or the same amount of weight. Each body is different and that can influence an individual’s ability to gain pounds as fat.

However, you may have certain doubts about it. In this post we want to talk to you about the reasons why these common phenomena can occur. Find out what they are!

1. Genetics

Genetics is one of the causes of this problem. Some people gain more weight than others due to factors related to the genome. And it is that genes determine several crucial points that will later be key in life. In addition, they also influence when it comes to seeing how difficult or easy it will be for the body to gain weight.

  • At present this is a proven fact, since experts in the human genome have succeeded in separating the genes that are responsible for carrying out, on the one hand, the distribution and, on the other, the accumulation of fat. These have been reflected in an article published in the research
  • In the case of men, the FTO gene (associated with fat mass and obesity) is found in 82% of them, which means that they would have a greater tendency to gain weight no matter how little they ate.

2. Food

If the genetic component is fundamental, the diet is no less so. And it is that the diet we follow is also essential when it comes to asking ourselves why we lose or gain weight.

  • It is true that some of the genes linked to weight gain cause a predisposition towards unhealthy foods.
  • Therefore, you have to follow a certain discipline and acquire healthy habits that allow you to avoid the effects of this gene.

Keep in mind that, once you start eating healthier and fresher, you will feel much better. Thus, it will be your own body that asks you to eat in a healthier way, since it will get used to it itself.

Proof of this are intermittent fasting protocols. These dietary strategies are effective in reducing body weight and improving health, according to research published in the research.

3. Exercise

Of course, the amount of exercise we do is another key factor in maintaining a healthy weight. And is that, beyond food, another aspect that can be essential when some people gain more weight than others.

However, you should keep in mind that doing a certain sport alone will not help you lose weight. However, it can determine how much you increase. You should keep in mind that the amount of exercise that everyone needs is different.

And, while there are individuals who cycle for two hours to burn 200 calories, others take half an hour to consume this caloric intake.

Do not reward yourself with gastronomic whims for having done a specific exercise, because this will not be good for your health either. For example, it is not recommended that, as a reward for having done enough exercise, we eat more than necessary. In this way, the only thing we will achieve is that our effort has been in vain and, in addition, it can end up causing us to gain weight.

4. Stress and lack of sleep

Both stress and lack of sleep can be an impediment to maintaining the line, this may be the answer to why some people get fat faster than others. Both aspects can have a direct impact on weight and lead to weight gain.

Usually, when we are under the effects of stress, we tend to choose unhealthy foods because we like them better and they make us feel better. However, this is precisely what must be avoided so as not to incur unhealthy lifestyle habits.

A study published in the research directly relates the concepts of obesity and anxiety, establishing a significant influence of one on the other.

5. Loss of intestinal biodiversity

Alterations in the intestinal microbiota are associated with diseases such as obesity or type 2 diabetes. Thus, the composition and diversity of the intestinal flora would be linked to weight gain, not so much by the number of bacteria that are lost but for which they cease to occur. This can also be the result of an inadequate diet or the abusive use of antibiotics.

Life habits influence that some people gain weight faster than others

It is very important that if you want to lose weight, you do it following the instructions of a specialist/nutritionist to make a diet based on the nutrients that the body needs. Now, whatever the genetics or metabolism, you must take care of the body. Remember that there are people who get fat faster than others, to avoid this situation it is essential to modify lifestyle habits

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