8 foods to relieve pain and inflammation

These foods can help you relieve pain and reduce inflammation, with which you can achieve a natural and anti-inflammatory effect to treat problems such as knee, shoulder, arm and leg pain, it can also help relieve pain caused by distension abdominal as well.

There are many foods that you can try to incorporate into your diet to relieve joint pain and inflammation, as well as pain in general. Below you can read about some of these foods that will help you treat inflammation.

Effective foods to relieve pain and inflammation.

These foods can fight inflammation while also helping to relieve pain. Many of these ingredients can act like ibuprophene reducing the sensation of pain and acting as a natural anti-inflammatory.


This small root is recommended to relieve nausea , among many of its many benefits that we have already been showing on our site; but it has also been shown that it can relieve inflammation as well. You can use it to flavor your dishes that range from stir-fry to use in baked cookies.

Mediterranean diet.

People who eat the traditional Mediterranean diet seem to have fewer problems related to inflammation and joint pain or diabetes.

Extra virgin olive oil.

This oil contains components similar to ibuprofen, you can put it in your salads or use it in other foods as long as it is without cooking it at very high temperatures, despite being resistant to these temperatures, it is advisable to consume it naturally.


This deep-sea fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this can help relieve joint pain and inflammation. Salmon also contains calcitonin, which can protect against osteoporosis.

Red grapes.

This delicious fruit contains resveratrol, a component that has anti-inflammatory benefits.  You can find resveratrol also in mora, peanut. Research has shown that combining resveratrol with ginger can fight inflammation and reduce pain.


In the laboratory, thyme was as effective as the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone in helping to relieve pain, reducing the perception of pain in patients.  Researchers are not sure how thyme can achieve this, but it has been shown to be an ally to reduce pain and inflammation, simply use it in your food to add flavor and taste, and with this you will be adding a contribution to your organism of this ally of health.

Fish oil.

Fish oil contains at least two essential omega 3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic and docosahexanoic, these two fatty acids block the creation of inflammatory chemicals in your body and can also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, gout and sinusitis.

Sour cherries.

According to research from Michigan State University, eating 20 tart cherries can help relieve pain better than aspirin; cherries contain antioxidants that may help reduce pain from arthritis, gout, and inflammation.

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