Uses of Bach flowers to calm anxiety

The use of Bach flowers to calm anxiety has increased in recent times. This trend has been maintained thanks to the relaxing and cleansing benefits of the plant. Since it was discovered in the first third of the 20th century by the Welsh doctor Edwarch Bach, its implementation has not stopped.

Its diversity to treat emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual disorders, make it a primary option. The 38 flower essences that make up the natural therapy create a powerful energy level that counteracts the biochemical alteration and that still does not damage other systems as electromagnetic therapies do.

How to use Bach flowers?

The essence of Bach flowers has been considered a true emotional medicine cabinet, and it is that just ingesting it can cause positive relaxation effects. And better yet, it is adaptable to anyone, they have no side effect, that is the best part since it can be used in pregnant women, the elderly, children and even pets.

Anxiety one of the evils of this century.

Due to the increasing acceleration in technologies and knowledge that the world is experiencing, human beings have been exposed to the two great evils of this century: depression and anxiety. Technically they are known as psychophysical disorders that dilute the various performance capacities.

Benefits of Bach flowers.

The depression and anxiety have diverse backgrounds in some cases are generated as a result of family, work, love and even some seem to have no sense of being problems. This is where the uses of Bach flowers to calm anxiety come in.

  • Gorse: essence that is taken when it is believed to have lost all hope of recovery.
  • Olive: recommended when the person feels great physical and mental fatigue.
  • Agrimony: ideal if the person is used to keeping their feelings and never shares them.
  • Mustard: perfect for depressions that have no reason. It is not understood why and for what.
  • Gentian: used for when the reasons for anxiety are known.
  • Chestnut bud: for when the person feels they lose control.
  • Rescue: recommended for extreme circumstances of sadness. Death, accident, stress, to give a few examples.
  • Sweet chestnut: when you feel great anguish and the urge to cry is strong.
  • Vebain: for nervous people.
  • Red chestnut: ideal to bear the weight that gives the family, work and love concern.
  • Impatiens: if tasks are done too quickly, when too much nervousness is generated, when tranquility is not achieved.

Where it is obtained and how it is taken?

The Bach flowers are available in different places and health food stores, such is an advantage, they are not difficult to achieve. They can be found in some pharmacies, herbalists, centers that specialize in natural products, dietetics or alternative therapy centers. If you want a quantity greater than one flower, you should only order a preparation of a maximum of seven flowers.

To ingest the Bach flower, it is recommended to maintain a measure in drops. For most cases, four drops under the tongue are sufficient. If the anxiety has not disappeared, you can drink another four drops but always in that amount, four at a time, leaving at least an hour in between.

Fighting anxiety with pear juice.

The effectiveness of Bach flowers in calming anxiety is undeniable. Even so, you can make as many variants and combinations as possible. For example, during the treatment with the flower you can also drink juices that relax and also taste delicious, this is the case of pear and oats.

More specifically, drinking pear and oat juice helps control anxiety and at the same time provide nutrients to support the body during work hours. Their preparation is very simple and they do not have any type of restriction. It can be refrigerated and ready for when you feel high anxiety.

To prepare a 500 ml glass of pear and oat juice the following is required:

  • Two medium pears.
  • 50 grams of oats.
  • 400 ml of purified or boiled water.
  • Honey.

It begins by washing the pear and immediately cutting it into pieces, then it is added to the blender glass and the 50 grams of oats are added, it is added to the water and if it is desired sweeter, half a tablespoon of honey is added. It is blended until there are no lumps and voila, in this way you have a delicious juice to combat anxiety.

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