A self-massage on the feet can change your day

Learning how to properly perform a self-massage on your feet can ensure that your day becomes more relaxed, and can also help you to loosen tension and improve your mood.

The feet are the reflection of our spine and also of our entire body, according to reflexology. Let’s see some practical exercises that you can do as a self-massage for your feet.

If you look at it, you will see that it is rare or impossible to find flat feet with spinal columns with large curves, as well as to find feet with a lot of arches in flat spinal columns. This happens because the curves of our feet are the same as those of our spine; For this reason, having strength in the arch of the foot, for example, is equivalent to having strength in our spines.

On the other hand, reflexology, the therapy that stimulates points on the feet, ensures that the big toe would be the reflection of the head, and going down from there towards the heel, our entire spine, with the heel as a reflection of the pelvis.

Thus, maintaining the health and harmonious shape of the soles of the feet will have a positive effect on our spine.

Self-massage exercise for the feet.

Going barefoot (or at most in socks) for as long as possible is ideal for the foot to develop adequate strength and flexibility. But, also, it is good that you spend some time relaxing the soles of your feet. Therefore, we give you a routine that you can do daily, even when you watch TV.

Start with a general kneading of your entire foot, in order to get it warm. Preheat the foot by flushing blood into the foot.

You can start by massaging with your hands from the big toe to the heel and then from the heel to the big toe, for a few minutes.

Grab a cloth between your fingers and the base of your fingers, grasping and releasing about 8 times.

Take a cork and roll it around the arch of your foot. Keep pressing where there is tension and then release, you will feel immediate relief.

With the help of a tennis ball, massage the entire sole by putting pressure on the floor, in this way you will arch the foot, relieving tension and stretching it.

Take the opportunity to “stretch” well all the fingers, Desperézalos releasing tension.

Now to get your feet relaxed. Stand on your two soles and see how, ideally, it would have to form a support tripod: a point under the big toe, another between the little and ring fingers, and another on the heel.

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