Easy ways to detect cancer

Even with existing medical advances, when we talk about cancer, we cannot help but feel a chill of anguish. However, detecting cancer early is still the greatest advantage we have to fight this disease face to face, and win it at the end of the race.

Easy ways to detect breast cancer.

The most common way to detect breast cancer is to have a mammogram. But we at home can self-examine our breasts and armpits in case we notice any suspicious or unusual lumps.
According to the Breastcancer.org Organization, AEM (breast self-palpation) remains a useful screening method, especially when combined with mammograms. This is stated in the study on breast self-exploration that was carried out in July 2008.

Women can notice lumps in our breasts, or wounds that do not finish healing but that in most cases are benign manifestations.
When exploring the breasts, we must wait for the menstruation to pass, since on those days our breasts are usually swollen, which would make it difficult to find a possible lump.

Breast cancer is more common after the age of 45, but no young woman is exempt from suffering from this disease. Therefore, it is recommended to start from a young age to explore the chest, without becoming obsessed, but thus getting to know our body and the changes that occur in it. Remember that if you notice something unusual, the best choice is to visit your specialist, because the highest percentage of cure occurs in cases where the cancer has been treated in time.

Easy ways to detect skin cancer.

Melanoma is the most common type of skin cancer. Among the main causes that cause it is excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, but also misuse of tanning beds.

There are factors such as age, fair skin, green or blue eyes, living near the equator and family history that can make a person more prone to this type of cancer.

It is important that we check our skin, and know the appearance of our moles as well as the freckles and marks that our skin has in order to detect any changes that occur in them. This self-examination must be carried out in front of a full-length mirror.
The most common types of skin cancer can be effectively treated if diagnosed at an early stage.

Researchers say that by measuring the levels of a gene called TFP12 in the blood, it is possible to know in a simple and precise way how advanced the disease is. This blood test can detect early signs of cancer.

A dermatologist said that the use of this blood test “is an easy way to learn more about what is happening under the skin”

Easy ways to detect prostate cancer.

In the early stage of prostate cancer , it does not cause symptoms. But in a more advanced stage we can find problems when urinating, blood in the urine, weakness in the legs.
Until now, the test called PSA (prostate specific antigen) was used to measure in patients the concentration of a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. Bearing in mind that the higher the concentration, the more chances of suffering from prostate cancer. There are other reasons why men may have a high PSA level.

If you have any questions or symptoms, go to your specialist because prevention is the best prescription against cancer.

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