Herbal remedies for chronic fatigue

The following herbal remedies help support the adrenal gland which regulates the body’s energy supply and can relieve chronic fatigue. Their bitterness supports the process of converting the food we eat into the energy our muscles need to thrive, and they are very important for those who fatigue is caused by gallbladder problems.

Herbal remedies for fatigue.

Learn how to use herbs like ginseng, coconut oil, reishi mushroom, and dandelion to boost energy and well-being.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a collection of symptoms that can include fatigue, fibromyalgia, (generalized muscle and joint pain), poor mental concentration, sleep problems, and arthritis like pain, and worse is difficult to treat and diagnose. The remedy varies from person to person, depending on your symptoms and other factors.

Adaptogens and stimulant herbs:

Ginseng can boost mood, improve memory and attention, prolong physical and mental stamina, and relieve anxiety. Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) increases concentration and focus without the crash that comes from stimulants like caffeine.

Research has also shown the beneficial effect of Centella Asiatica on memory performance and mental focus levels. Yerba mate has the effect of stimulating the mind, increasing concentration and relieving depressive moods.

Many herbs have long been used to help promote healthy memory and neurological function. Rosemary is the best-known aromatherapy treatment for poor memory, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and improving mental clarity.

A good night’s rest and sleep is vital to overcoming fatigue, yet it escapes many of us.  Herbal sleep aids can help you sleep and wake up rested in the morning.

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