Homemade recipes to beat cellulite

There are a wide variety of home remedies that you can use to help you defeat cellulite in a natural and non-invasive way, but it is also necessary to understand what causes them and how we can deal with the problem to prevent them.

Scientifically, cellulite is not, unlike what many believe, a simple aesthetic manifestation, but rather a disease . It is a lipodystrophy whose origin is unknown, although its name began to be used in 1870.

How to prepare the skin to eliminate cellulite?

Modeling massage removes extra centimeters so it can help treat cellulite. The technique consists of lowering the hyperthermia of the tissue, oxygenate the blood and drag out toxins.

At present there are several methods to shape the body: cold bandages, algae, gels that produce a vasoconstriction, devices for iontophoresis, foam, cryotherapy, thermogenesis, mud therapy and reducing caffeinated nanospheres.

Homemade recipes to beat cellulite.

Adapting the skin in an adequate way to the needs of each person and the period of the year to which it is exposed requires precise information in this regard and is a preliminary and fundamental step to begin to overcome cellulite.

“To fine-tune the skin of our body, it is convenient to start with a polishing, which has as in order to extract the dead cells that dull it and dry it excessively.”

Polishing can be done mechanically, with some silica cream or abrasive, and chemically with glycolic. A mechanical polish takes 5 minutes on the face and 15 minutes on the body, it can be done at home with a polishing cream and yogurt.

Polishing should be done once a week. When the skin is polished the interstitial spaces of the cells are more separated and it favors the penetration of any substance that one can implant in the tissue.

Then it is necessary to incorporate a nourishing and moisturizing cream that contains a good percentage of liposomes and a few drops of glycolic acid to offer the skin the necessary acidity and vitamins.

In general, the skin during the fall and winter requires more emollients and lubricants, especially around the eyes where it is thinner and more exposed. See here more information about homemade scrubs with coffee for cellulite.

Homemade gels to eliminate cellulite.

Cosmetologist series of “recipes” for the home-making of some gels and baths. An entire arsenal to take care of the skin and fight against cellulite.

Homemade gel polish recipes.

To prepare the skin before using the reducing gels, you must mix a tablespoon of neutral gel with a polished pumice stone, silica or sand. Massage the area with circular movements for 3 or 5 minutes, then remove with warm water, this will help reduce cellulite while stimulating blood flow.

Herbal gel.

Mix 100 g of neutral gel, 20 cm3 of centella gingko biloba extract and 5 cm3 of arnica extract. Massage the areas to be treated for 20 minutes and remove with cold water.  It reduces without attacking and is harmless in case of allergies.

Seaweed gel.

Mix one-part hot water with one part water and three parts clay, massage for 10 minutes and then brush with paraffin and cover with plastic, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Cold gel.

To prepare this cold gel you will need to mix 200 g of neutral gel with half a tablespoon of mints dissolved in 50 cm3 of alcohol.

Application mode:

Spread in the area to be treated and cover with a plastic film. Reduces, refreshes the skin and decongests areas with cellulite or flaccidity.

Special baths.

Recipe to prepare a natural decongestant: Mix in a saucepan and boil, 80 g of chamomile, 40 g of sage, 40 g of calendula, 40g of vegetarian, 20 drops of orange blossom water, 200 g of citrus peel, 1 liter of rose water, 2 liters of rosemary tea. Strain and place the liquid in the bathtub with very hot water. Let it act on the body for at least 15 minutes.

Polisher and renovator: This is another effective remedy to defeat cellulite, it consists of placing the following ingredients on a piece of tied cloth, forming a ball and rubbing it on the body or placing it in the bathtub:

  • 5 tablespoons of bran.
  • 2 tablespoons of coarse salt.
  • a handful of medicinal herbs.

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