Natural remedies for foot fungus

Foot fungus are consequences that lead to infections and sores that cause burning and itching of the toes and nails. Moisture and physical problems, such as low defenses and the use of shoes that do not allow the skin to “breathe”, are the enemies of athlete’s foot, however there are home remedies to eliminate fungus very effectively, and also avoid its later appearance.

The athlete’s foot or tinea pedis – pedal- Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by foot fungus called dermatophytes. The foot fungus affecting the interdigital folds, the plant and the edges of the foot.

They are mycoses produced by a group of fungi that have the ability to infect keratinized skin tissues, many times this condition occurs in various parts of the foot, such as the appearance of nail fungus.

Appearance of foot fungus.

Athlete’s foot causes constant redness and itching. Some cases may present without symptoms, except for the foul-smelling characteristic of the infection. It is also common to see cracks, blisters and scales in the affected area. If the fungus spreads to the nails, they can become discolored, thick and even crumbled.

How mushrooms are presented?

There are 3 the most common ways in which mycosis usually occurs, in each of them we can find different symptoms as well as the need to carry different treatments.

  1. Chronic form: dry interdigital infection, the symptoms of which are: itching (in some cases), whitish maceration, cracks and fissures with a characteristic smell and peeling.
  2. Acute form, generally plantar: pruritus (in some cases), cracks and hyperkeratosis where the entire foot molds itself to the shoe. It is common to see ulcerations and scabs in places of greater friction.
  3. Wet vesicular form: with vesicles that must never be exploited intentionally.

Natural remedies for foot fungus.

Fungi cannot exist in an acidic environment, so the mere fact of washing yourself with warm water, salt and apple cider vinegar is already effective to eradicate it, but we are going to know more natural remedies to eliminate all foot fungus.

1. Baking soda.

An excellent way to eradicate foot fungus is to prepare a paste of baking soda with water, then apply it between the toes and the affected areas. Let dry and rinse. Apply daily to discourage its appearance and leave the area disinfected.

The alkalizing effect of bicarbonate prevents the proliferation of fungi, preventing them from spreading to other areas of the foot and causing more infection, making it very difficult to eradicate them later.

2. Cinnamon.

The medicinal properties of cinnamon are the best to avoid athlete’s foot. An infusion of cinnamon bark – the proportion is two tablespoons in two liters of water – is all you need to then soak your feet and forget about the fungus.

3. Coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that work as natural fungicides that insert into the lipid layer, helping to kill fungi.

The way to use this oil correctly is to apply a small amount on the nail, finger or joint of the same and perform gentle but penetrating massages. You should let it absorb and dry naturally. You can repeat it several times a day and you will notice the results.

4. Foot bath to eliminate fungus.

Another natural, safe and effective way to eliminate foot fungus is by taking a foot bath with a mixture of natural water with hydrogen peroxide. In a medium-sized bucket or tub, fill a quarter of it with water and add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to it, stir and immerse your feet for 15 minutes, it is advisable to do these baths for five days before going to sleep.

5. Homemade antibacterial for foot fungus.

  • Lemon: Wet the feet and nails with lemon juice and let it dry, it is a very powerful natural remedy for affected feet.
  • Garlic: Rub garlic on the joints of the toes, it is a great natural remedy, for this you can crush the garlic and use it as a paste to rub your feet, remember to remove it with a cotton ball later to avoid affecting the skin.
  • Ginger: You can use the antibacterial effect of ginger to kill fungi, for this, you can make an infusion and let it cool, then apply the solution with a cotton ball every night.
  • Goldenseal: This is another powerful herb that acts with an antibacterial, prepare an infusion and apply the liquid once cold, with a cotton ball on the sides and lower part of the fingers and nails.
  • Aromatherapy also works to eliminate foot fungus. After bathing, it is important that you use a mixture of tea tree essential oil (tea tree oil) and lavender essential oil, 50%, applied with a cotton ball or gauze. Ideal to do it in the morning and at night and hold it for a few minutes on the affected area.

6. Wear sports socks.

If you are one of the people who suffers from excessive sweating, and you frequently have damp feet, you should take this advice, wear socks that are made of cotton, or so-called “sports” socks that help keep your feet cool avoiding the hot and cold environment. humid which is where fungi proliferate.

7. Special foot rinse.

We have called “special rinse” the fact of using mouthwash to eliminate fungus in the feet, and its effect not only eliminates bacteria from the mouth, it is also capable of acting as a powerful antiseptic. For this we will use other natural ingredients as well that will help us to enhance its effect and end all fungi.

We must fill a tub with water and pour white vinegar and lemon juice. Now enjoy a relaxing foot bath and say goodbye to infections.

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