The longevity points of Chinese medicine – effective for health

The massage in certain points of the body (acupuncture) is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the East, which is more than several thousand years old. According to this practice, in total, the human body has 365 points and 12 main meridians, which is reminiscent of the number of days and months of the year.

The operation of such a massage (acupressure, the pressure of the finger on specific points), is based on the teachings about the meridians and channels that are connected to certain organs.

In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as an energy system, so massage can affect the flow of our energy (we are also energy, our matter is energy) and the functional activity of organs.

The longevity points of Chinese medicine – effective for health.

Activating the Zu San Li point can give healing and rejuvenating effects. In China, this point is known as “the point of longevity,” in Japan, as “the point of one hundred diseases.”

A Japanese legend says that there was once a happy man who had the invaluable knowledge of his father – the knowledge about The Point of Longevity or The Point of a Hundred Diseases.

Following the command of his father, the son massaged this point daily and lived to see the birth and death of various emperors.

Location of the magic point (Zu San Li) in our body.

The Zu San Li point is placed under the kneecap. If you are interested in finding it, you should cover the knee with the palm of the same hand. The point is placed between the ends of the ring finger and the little finger, formed as a small dent between the bones.

You can find it in another way. You should sit on the floor, then press your feet firmly on the floor and send them towards yourself, without lifting your heels off the floor.

You will notice that there is a higher area created below the knee. Find your highest point, put your finger on it and take the straight position. The point that was pressed by the finger is the Zu San Li point.

Why the Japanese call it the point of a hundred diseases?

  • Supervises the work of the organs found in the lower half of the body.
  • It controls the work of the spinal cord in parts that are responsible for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, digestive tract, sexual organs, kidneys, adrenal glands.

With the help of massage, the Zu San Li point can increase the activity of the adrenal glands, the most powerful glands that act as the main guardian of human health. They stimulate adrenaline, hydrocortisone, and other important hormones in the blood.

What do you get by massaging the Zu San Li point?

If you massage the “longevity point” every day, there is a possibility that you can normalize the work of the adrenal glands, which carry out the following functions in the body:

  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • Normalization of glucose, insulin.
  • Suppression of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Regulation of the immune function of man.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Treating the effects of a stroke.

Massage will help you gain confidence, relieve stress and tension, and find inner stability.

How to push the “longevity point”?

It is best to massage the Zu San Li point in the morning, before lunch. 9 times in a circular motion to the right on each leg, alternately (9 times on one, 9 times on the other). Repeat this for 10 minutes, total.

Before starting the massage, get comfortable, in a relaxed position (sitting). Calm your breathing and focus on your feelings. Immerse yourself in a state of calm and understanding of the fact that you want to be well. This massage has a stimulating effect.

You can also stick a clove of garlic cut in half at this point, and leave for 1-2 hours (until the skin turns red).

Routine to massage the longevity point daily.

  1. Before lunch, alternately on each leg, massage clockwise, do the massage to improve the general tone, memory, the work of the cardiovascular and digestive system.
  2. After lunch, on both legs, massage at this point to work on stress, nervousness and irritability, headaches and sleep disorders.
  3. At night, massage in the opposite direction of the clock, it is suitable to help in the diet to lose weight as it stimulates the metabolism. But do not massage immediately before bedtime, as it can cause insomnia.

You must understand that any type of medicine will always be a support for the good habits that you carry out, which are essential in the prevention and cure of some diseases and conditions. Thus, you should always accompany a good diet, a good exercise routine, a calm discipline to balance emotions (stress), with any alternative option that can offer you relief, and not the other way around.

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