Natural MedicineTreat heartburn with licorice root

Treat heartburn with licorice root


Licorice is used to treat a wide range of illnesses including heartburn. In China, licorice is considered a superior balance or harmonizing agent and is added to many herbal formulas.

Licorice uses.

It is used to relieve coughs and reduce inflammation, relieve and heal stomach ulcers and inflammation, control blood sugar, and balance hormones. Licorice is great for healing cold sores and cold sores (herpes simplex virus).

Licorice is a powerful antiviral agent and can be used to treat the flu, herpes, and even hepatitis. Licorice is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent and can be used to enhance the flavor of other herbs . With all these uses, it is no wonder that licorice finds its way into many therapies.

Licorice root to treat heartburn.

Several modern studies have shown licorice’s healing ability for ulcer and heartburn. Unlike most ulcer medications, such as cimetidine, licorice does not drastically reduce stomach acid; Rather, it reduces the ability of stomach acid to damage the stomach lining by encouraging the digestive mucosa tissues to protect itself from the acid.

Licorice improves mucosal protection by increasing the action of mucus-secreting cells, increasing the life of intestinal cells on the surface, and increasing microcirculation within the gastrointestinal tract. This improves the health of the stomach lining and reduces damage caused by stomach acid.

Licorice use precautions.

Many anti-inflammatory drugs are synthetic versions of cortisol. They control conditions such as asthma, arthritis , bowel disease, and eczema by suppressing the immune system, which stops the body’s ability to mount an inflammatory response.

Licorice is not used to suppress the immune system in the way that steroids do. However, they can cause the same side effects: weight gain, fluid retention, and as a possible result, high blood pressure. However, if you use cortisone, prednisone, a steroid or the like, you should seek the advice of a doctor.

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