What are false allergies and how to avoid improper treatment

In a study that most people have allergy-like symptoms, they don’t have it at all.

Fake allergies.

Research showed that 2 out of 3 patients in a sample of 246 individuals who were receiving treatment for various types of allergy were not actually allergic. “ This means that the measures that were being taken to alleviate his problem were inadequate. They could even become the source of other problems, such as an increase in antidepressant use.”

The symptoms of allergy are similar to certain respiratory phenomena that affect the nasal cavity and that occur spontaneously every day. In fact, exercise, dust, cold air or perfume can cause similar effects.

Test results.

To demonstrate this, the researchers measured the patients’ reactions to typical allergens such as pollen, mites or animal hair. All the people who participated in this study had been diagnosed as allergic and were taking antihistamines.

The results showed that 65 percent of them did not need them, why, in reality, their condition was not related to allergens but to other causes that were not defined or very clear yet. The only solution is for doctors to make a correct diagnosis before prescribing an allergy treatment, and especially antihistamines that can have very negative side effects for the patient’s health.

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