What destroys your immune system?

Those who constantly take antibiotics may have a weaker immune system. This can also make them sick more often.

Our health is directly related to the state of the immune system. This means that the stronger it is, the more resistance we will have to viruses and different diseases. On the contrary, when our immune system is weak, we are more prone to colds and other viral diseases that can have a great impact on the body.

Most of the habits we have on a daily basis directly influence the state of our immune system, especially when we reach an advanced age. That is why having healthy habits is essential to good health.
On this occasion we are going to mention those that can be harmful to the immune system.

Overindulging in sugar

Consuming too much sugar can cause the immune system to lose up to 40% of its ability to destroy germs. According to research, the consumption of sugar can affect the functioning of the immune system 5 minutes after consumption and last up to 5 hours.

For the immune system to function well, it is important to provide it with a good source of vitamin C. Sugar erodes the vitamin C present in our body. It also destroys the structure of the cells of the immune system.

Consume alcoholic beverages

The consumption of alcoholic beverages has a large number of negative impacts on health. Thus, the Alcohol prevents the body from absorbing essential nutrients and, therefore, causes a nutritional deficiency.

When a person consumes too much alcohol, it can prevent their white blood cells from multiplying. As a consequence, the cells that absorb these foreign particles generate tumor necrosis factors (proteins). When the body does not produce enough cells, this causes a weak immune system.


The immune system perceives as threats elements that seem harmless such as: dust, pollen or smoke, among others. As a consequence, the body becomes alert, causing an allergic reaction that subsequently destroys the cell wall that prevents external invaders from entering. For this reason, the immune system can become more vulnerable.

Not getting enough sleep affects our immune system

The insomnia is one of the disorders that affect people today. Multiple tasks, stress and depression, among other factors, can prevent a person from getting a good night’s sleep and having a hard time resting well.

According to research, those who sleep 4 or less hours a day only produce half of the antibodies that fight the cold. On the contrary, this does not occur in people who sleep 8 or more hours a day.


It is proven that stress has a negative influence on physical and mental health. When the person is constantly exposed to stressful situations, their immune system begins to weaken. It also loses the ability to fight infections, viruses, and germs.

This is because the number of white blood cells decreases, which can cause the immune system to weaken. The same is applicable to people who are going through a traumatic situation or depression.

Use other people’s items

Almost always, the most common germs and viruses are spread by sharing objects or tools that should be for personal use. Unfortunately, we hardly ever realize the path that the object may have traveled before reaching our hands. Therefore, we use it without taking preventive measures without thinking about the consequences.

Obviously, we should not be obsessed with germs, but it is good to know the origin of the objects we use. Thus, we can avoid the spread of diseases or infections.

Abusing antibiotics

The antibiotics were created in order to try and combat serious infections. They are usually very effective, but exceeding their consumption can cause the body to create a resistance mechanism against them. Apart from this, it makes the body more vulnerable to infection and disease.

Therefore, a hose person who take antibiotics constantly, they can have a weaker immune system. This can also make them sick more often.

Sedentary lifestyle

Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle has become one of the biggest health problems in the world. That is why those who suffer from it tend to suffer from conditions such as, among others:

  • Obesity.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Weak immune system

When a person does not practice physical activity, has a poor diet and is not very active, they tend to accumulate more toxins and stress. Also, you may end up being more prone to spreading diseases or infections. To avoid this, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Do pleasant activities to avoid stress.

On the other hand, according to a study, the effects of physical activity on the immune system largely depend on the mode and intensity of exercise or training.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy, varied diet with quality foods, as well as to stay active and exercise regularly. Don’t forget to see your doctor if you think your immune system is weakened.


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