What should you know before mastectomy?

Breast removal or mastectomy may be mandatory in some cases of breast cancer, so the psychological factor plays a fundamental role in adapting to our new state

There are times when breast cancer results in a mastectomy. It is not the first option, but sometimes it is the only one that could save your life.

To fully understand what it is, you need to know that it is the surgical removal of a breast or part of it.

Writing or reading it is very simple, but going through the entire process is not. This is why it is important that you drastically change your perception of breast cancer treatment. You have to know that a mastectomy is a big life change.

Lately some women who have not even been diagnosed with breast cancer decide to undergo this operation in a preventive way.

Although it is not a bad thing to do, because it is a very personal decision, it is pointless if there is no generalized family history or a genetic mutation that increases your risk.

Here’s what to consider before your mastectomy:

1.Physically it is different for each person

The pain may be stronger in some people than others. Depending on your body, you may find that recovery takes longer than usual, which is 12 weeks. It is really your body that decides whether or not you are going to return to your regular routine sooner or later than expected.

You can prepare yourself for, after your mastectomy, having to be asking for help every moment. That is why it is important that you are sure that someone will be by your side.

The first two weeks after surgery, everything will get complicated. This surgery will even affect your mobility in things as simple as opening a bottle of water or combing your hair.

It is very normal to arrive at the time of the mastectomy with fear of the pain that it can cause. You should know that some women do not experience great and tremendous pain. In fact, some do not feel anything after surgery.

There are those who simply feel a kind of oppression and nothing more.

2.Mastectomy can present complications

Mastectomy is a surgery like any other. Thus, it is important that you realize that it may bring complications in your body and in your health.

Some people do not feel that the surgery was a big problem compared to the other inconveniences that the mastectomy brought as a consequence.

One of them is that  breathing can become shallow due to pain, and pneumonia can develop due to the lack of filtration in the lungs. You have to take care of yourself in the days after surgery, because that is when there is the highest risk of infection.

Another consequence is constipation. This is a product of the little awareness that people have about anesthesia and narcotics for pain.

These medications can cause you to end up spending a night in the emergency room because you haven’t used the bathroom in 5 days.

It is important that you speak with your doctor for some suggestions of what to take. A high fiber diet is very helpful.

3. Reconstruction is an option

Talking about reconstruction after mastectomy is a sensitive topic that depends on the needs of each woman.

Some people do not have reconstruction by personal decision, and others see it as essential to be at peace with their body again.

Although the breasts are very beautiful, some women suffer from the rebuilding process. Others feel relieved of back pain when their breasts were large and decide not to have reconstruction.

In any case, before deciding whether to go through reconstruction it is important that you analyze your real needs.

Talk about your concerns and don’t fear a mastectomy

Mastectomy is a very important step that you will take in your life so you should not feel afraid or take it lightly.

Talk to your doctor and, if it is necessary to perform it, make sure you know everything that this procedure represents well and do not leave with any doubt about it before deciding whether to undergo the intervention.

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