Why does inflammation of the taste buds occur?

The inflammation of the taste buds can respond to multiple causes, ranging from trauma to the accumulation of toxins. It usually causes pain and even alters the taste of food.

The taste buds are sensory receptors found on the tongue.  When exposed to the action of food, they could become inflamed. In this article, we’ll explain why taste buds get inflamed.

Each papilla is made up of receptor cells that send nerve signals to the brain. Thanks to them, we are able to discriminate between sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami flavors, a Japanese word that means “tasty”.

When the papillae are inflamed, they become smaller, whitish, and usually hurt at the slightest touch. If you still don’t know what can make your taste buds irritated, read this article.

Inflammatory factors of the taste buds

1. Hyperstimulation

It occurs more often after eating spicy or salty foods. Hyperstimulation is due to the fact that the substances found in this type of food act as irritants to the taste buds.

Tip: Ingesting some cold liquid or ice cream might help counteract it.

2. Toxins on the tongue

Frequent exposure of the tongue  to toxins such as alcohol or tobacco smoke causes irritation. Also, of the taste buds. The toxins cause the cells that make up the papillae to retain both fat and fluid.

Also, the residue of these toxins remains on the tongue. That whitish coating is usually seen during the mornings. It is nothing more than the way the body rejects them.

To avoid it, it will be enough to abstain from consuming alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Stress

As is known, stress can negatively affect many of the body’s functions. The taste buds do not escape from it.

The emotional stress which involves hormonal disorders. In turn, these problems end up affecting the body in various ways. One of them is the small ulcers that appear in the mouth. Another possible consequence is inflammation of the taste buds due to a dysfunction in the immune system.

This could cause the tongue and other parts of the body to absorb large amounts of bacteria. All this could influence that the inflammation of the papillae takes much longer to disappear.

Advice: in addition to putting relaxation techniques into practice, it would be convenient to go to a psychological consultation.

4. Trauma

Trauma to the tongue is usually due to accidental bites. As a result, the papillae tend to swell immediately. Under these conditions, they usually hurt for a long period of time.

This type of trauma alters the tissue of the tongue. As is known, this organ is a muscle. Therefore, you could get hurt like the rest.

In case of inflammation of the taste buds, it would be advisable to apply glycerin to the affected area. If the injury is serious or the pain persists, you should see a doctor immediately. The specialist will determine the behavior you should follow.

5. Mycosis

Oral candidiasis, as well as other infectious processes caused by fungi on the tongue, are other common causes of inflammation of the taste buds. In these cases, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. He will decide whether or not to treat this yeast infection in the mouth.

6. Burns

Tongue burns are a common type of accident. They occur, for example, when we drink a very hot cup of coffee or when we have a meal that we have just removed from the fire.

More severe burns can damage taste buds and, by extension, disrupt their function. They usually take longer to heal than we are aware of, so it will be crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions and be careful at home.

Tip: When it happens to you, drink cold liquids. This simple gesture will lessen the sensation of pain and prevent the burn from spreading. The low temperature of the ingested liquid will help the nerve fibers of the papillae to reestablish themselves sooner. Thus, you can continue to enjoy the taste of all the foods you want to eat.

If we take sufficient care, we can not only enjoy all the flavors again, but also a healthy mouth.

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