5 negative attitudes of others in your life that you should not tolerate

Have you ever felt like you deserve better? So why settle for anything less than what you want? You can decide from now on that you will not tolerate bad behavior in your life.  People with negative attitudes who try to bring you down drain your energy and make you miserable. Why accept it when you can eliminate the same kind of behavior?

5 negative attitudes of others in your life that you should not tolerate.

If you want to change how people treat you and detoxify your life from negativity, here are 6 behaviors you should not allow in your life.


We live in a world where people’s problems can really bring them closer to you than their successes. Most people are not only comfortable sharing their problem, but this has also become a way to make friends. When you hear someone trying to start a conversation with you using negativity as a catalyst, remember that you don’t need negative attitudes in your life. Choose your health throughout that, choose to stay in your “no hassle” attitude rather than feeding your soul with energy without resources.

The underestimation of your abilities and strength.

One of the negative attitudes that steal the most energy is when others tell you that something you want to do is impossible. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get something. Stay true to yourself and your dreams. Do not stop doing something you like because someone thinks differently than you. The important thing is that you believe in your potential. You are strong enough to pursue your most desirable ambitions.


Paying attention to what people are saying and what they actually do will certainly help you see who the honest people are in your life. If you find yourself caught in the trap of someone’s lie once again, this is a sign that you should remind yourself to be more careful the next time you contact them. And actions, remember – speak louder than words. Lying is one of the negative attitudes that causes the most unnecessary problems.

Others take control over your life.

You are the architect of your own world. Why could you let someone else decide how to run your life? Of course, it’s human to feel out of control and ask someone for help, but don’t let them take over your life.


Bullying is not a problem only among children and adolescents. It is a very common theme in adults as well. Many people simply do not recognize it because verbal aggression is usually disguised as other types of intolerant behavior. Bullying is not something that just needs to be accepted. No one has the right to make you feel bad for who you really are.  Unfortunately, there will always be people who try to put others off by saying bad words.

These types of people will do their best to lay you down, but it is your responsibility not to allow that to happen. At first, it may seem alarming to struggle with their toxic behavior, but you’ll be glad you did. Therefore, be aware of the people who are trying to make you feel inferior. But also take note that bullying can even come from the most unexpected people, for example your friends or family. Be aware of how others treat you and when necessary, confront them and let them know that negative attitudes are never going to be tolerated anymore.

Physical violence and abuse.

If you are a survivor of physical abuse or have been the block between an abuser and someone close to you, if you tried to forgive and move on with your life, you are a hero.  Most people know that physical violence is a serious problem that should never be ignored and this type of behavior should never be tolerated, but it is still surprising how many families and relationships are going through this right now.

So physical violence and abuse, more than negative attitudes that should not be tolerated, are very serious situations that should even be reportedIf you know someone who is struggling with this or has had such an experience before, give them a helping hand and encourage them to let go of their past, anger, so they can move on with their life in a healthy way.

You are a sum of your life choices, so choose wisely what kinds of behaviors towards yourself to tolerate. Remember that you are responsible for your life and that you are stronger than you think. Live well and don’t settle for less than you want.

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