7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Fight Type 2 Diabetes

The following is a simple, easy and delicious 7-day meal plan with the goal of simple sugar detoxification of the body, where you will see healthy foods, ideas for your snacks and drinks.

The low – carb diets come in many colors, flavors and popular names. Atkins, Ketogenic, and other low carb and fat diets are examples of low carb diets. This type of diet, as stated in its name, limits the amount of carbohydrates you consume, generally to ~ 50g of carbohydrates per day.

They are often replaced by foods that are high in fat and healthy protein, although the proportions vary from diet to diet and from person to person, because there is no one diet for everyone.

People generally adopt low-carb diets for varying lengths of time to lose weight, but they have also been shown to be beneficial in fighting type 2 diabetes and obesity.

However, it is never easy to change eating habits, especially those that were formed years ago. And you’re not alone: ​​reducing or even eliminating sugar and other carbohydrates is not easy.

7-Day Meal Plan for Sugar Detox.

We present you a meal plan of only one week where you will eliminate simple sugar. It is an easy diet to manage, which includes rich foods, snacks and drinks for you to adopt and also for you to know which options it is best to avoid.

1. Monday meal plan.

Breakfast: Organic unsweetened Greek yogurt, with 1/2 cup of blueberries and walnuts (0.5 to 1 Oz) with a little cinnamon.

Lunch: salmon salad (with spinach). The salad can contain a combination of lettuce, onion, broccoli, cucumbers, and dried fruit, drizzled with olive oil.

Dinner: Grilled chicken with asparagus made with coconut oil or organic butter

2. Tuesday meal plan.

Breakfast: omelet with 2 eggs with asparagus (maybe from the night before) made with organic butter.

Lunch: Smoked tempeh and avocado salad in spinach.

Dinner: organic steak and low-carbohydrate vegetables, it is preferable to avoid the combination of potato, carrot, sweet potato or sweet potato and pumpkin, if you choose one of them it should be combined with a salad and a lot of fiber.

3. Wednesday meal plan.

Breakfast: omelet with two eggs with spinach made with organic butter.

Lunch: Organic unsweetened Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of cherries and almonds (0.5 to 1 Oz) with a little cinnamon.

Dinner: Wild salmon cooked with avocado oil or organic butter and low-carb vegetables.

4. Thursday meal plan.

Breakfast: Shake with coconut milk, some cashews, blue berries, low carb protein powder, natural low carb sweeteners to taste.

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad, with broccoli, sliced ​​red onion and tomato.

Dinner: Smokey Tempe Steak with Sliced ​​Avocado on Cauliflower Brown Rice.

5. Food menu for Friday.

Breakfast: 2 organic egg omelets with broccoli passed through butter and olive oil.

Lunch: Shake with coconut milk, some almonds, raspberries, low carb protein powder. You can sweeten it with stevia or drink it like that.

Dinner: turkey sausage (no bread) and broccoli, feta cheese, and olives.

6. Saturday.

Breakfast: organic Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup apricot and cashew halves (0.5 to 1 oz) with a little cinnamon.

Lunch: turkey sausage with 2 to 3 scrambled eggs and a salad of lettuce, red onions, and dried fruit such as walnuts, cashews, and macadamias.

Dinner: Pork chop with grilled vegetables.

7. Plan for Sunday.

Breakfast: organic bacon and eggs with a salad.

Lunch: Broccoli, lettuce, cucumber and onion salad with roast chicken.

Dinner: Meatballs with brown rice and cauliflower.

What else can I eat on a low carb diet?

Restrictive diets may seem limiting (and they are for your own good), but you can actually enjoy delicious meals while getting healthier.

bowl of yogurt packed with probiotics, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, or freshly made salads are great options to make our own combinations.

It is advisable to include infusions as well, with them we get our glucose levels to remain stable, for example the use of cinnamon in an infusion helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

Do you use sweeteners?

On a low carbohydrate diet, you must realize and understand that sugar is sugar at the end of the day. So, if you can’t separate yourself from your sweetness, it’s really a matter of consuming the best types of carbohydrates for you. Although the most advisable thing is to always get used to the natural taste of food.

Sweeteners to avoid.

  1. Anything that ends in -ose (for example, glucose, fructose, maltose, dextrose).
  2. Most sugar alcohols (e.g., sorbitol, mannitol).
  3. Maple syrup.
  4. Simple syrup.
  5. Table sugar.
  6. Coconut sugar
  7. Cane sugar.

The best options for sweetening.

  1. Pure stevia.
  2. Monk fruit.

It is advisable to know how to appreciate the natural flavor of food and beverages, in this way we can adapt our palate so that the demands of sweet taste are less and less.

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