Cervical Cancer Symptoms You Should Know About

The cervical cancer is one of the diseases to which women are more willing, and is why you should pay special attention to identify any abnormality that results in an accurate symptom of this disease.

Women in these times, where cervical cancer has become such a common disease, must be documented and always be vigilant to identify these symptoms. For this reason, in this article we will explain what are those little details that you cannot ignore and that translate into the presence of this condition.

Alert at all times.

It is important that you know that cervical cancer in its initial stage does not present any obvious symptoms, that is why, that you visit it every six months if you are sexually active, or every year if you are not, it is vital to rule out the onset of this sickness.

Now, when cervical cancer becomes invasive and begins to attack all the adjacent tissue is when the true symptoms begin to appear, which are generally:

Pain during intercourse.

When instead of pleasure, what you feel is pain, discomfort or even bleeding, it is .important to be alert and go as quickly as possible to the gynecologist and make the necessary consultations.

Abnormal bleeding

A monthly bleeding is normal when women are in their reproductive stage, but when the bleeding is very profuse, constant and without any reason, between menstrual or when some physical effort is made, it can be a clear symptom of cervical cancer.

Vaginal discharge.

The female reproductive system constantly produces discharge to keep the vaginal flora in perfect condition or as a symptom of an infection; But, when this discharge is different, bloody, or has a bad smell, attention should be paid and immediately go for a cytology or pap smear to rule out the presence of cervical cancer.

What to do if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer?

After identifying the symptoms, going to the gynecologist, applying the relevant studies and receiving the final diagnosis that you do have cervical cancer, it is important that you take a positive attitude towards this. Cervical cancer is a progressive disease that requires good physical, mental and emotional health for women in order to be defeated. Believe it or not, maintaining a positive attitude can help the disease not somatize and generate other diseases; on the contrary, assuming it and looking for solutions represents the ideal position you should adopt.

Perhaps the process of chemo and radio therapy can cause unexpected changes in your body such as hair loss, loss of natural skin pigmentation, nausea, vomiting, discomfort and other symptoms, but it is important that you do everything that your doctor I tell you, and that of course you have your strength and if you do, with the support of your family.

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