Foods You Can Eat to Get Rid of Allergies for Good

If you spend more time than you would like to admit going to your allergist and taking medications to control your itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion, it might be time for you to look for another method that will (finally) help you get rid of allergies.

Sure, medicine can do a great job of keeping your symptoms in check, however a variety of different foods, from apples and tomatoes to sauerkraut, can also help.

30 foods you can eat to get rid of allergies.

Here are some foods that you have always stored in your refrigerator that can help you beat your allergies for good.

1. Strawberries.

Looking for an easy way to combat allergies? Then get any food related to vitamin C. Strawberries, which contain about 85 mg per cup, will not only give you a healthy supply of antioxidants, but will also help reduce your symptoms in the process.

2. Walnuts.

You may want to consider making walnuts your snack of choice, at least when it comes to getting rid of allergies. According to a 2017 study, the large amount of omega-3s it contains can help reduce allergy symptoms.

3. Shiitake mushrooms.

Mushrooms are always a healthy option, and when it comes to alleviating allergy problems, make sure you have shiitake mushrooms on hand. Not only are they tasty, but they are also packed with vitamin D. It can help with symptoms. For the most benefits, go for the dry version which contains much more vitamin D than the fresh one.

4. Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables, and according to a study, this green food may also protect your body against allergy-causing pollutants. So, eat broccoli whenever you can – including it in your meals could make a big difference when it comes to your allergy symptoms.

5. Apples.

According to a study carried out in 2016, an apple a day could keep your allergies under control. Quercetin, the plant polyphenol in the fruit, has been found to help reduce inflammation that is often associated with allergies, preventing it from affecting you.

6. Cocoa.

Listen chocolate lovers: Eating cocoa regularly has some anti-allergy benefits, according to research. Add some to your morning smoothie to feel like you’re having breakfast for dessert, or sip it with your hot drinks.

7. Sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes aren’t just a ridiculously healthy starch – they can also help ward off your allergies thanks to their high beta-carotene content. Make some healthy fries in your air fryer, focus on your weekly potato bar, or top them with a little cinnamon for a nutritious dessert to reap the benefits.

8. Turmeric.

Turmeric deserves a prime spot on your spice rack, especially if you have allergies.  According to a study, sprinkling it on your food is an easy way to control allergy symptoms.

9. Chia seeds.

There are many healthy reasons to add some chia seeds to your meals, one of which is due to its super potent, allergy-fighting omega-3 content. Add a few to your smoothies, use them to make a pudding, or add a handful to your salad.

10. Kale.

In addition to being a low-calorie, high-fiber superfood, a cup of chopped cabbage also contains 80 mg of allergy-fighting vitamin C. Yes, it is a guardian of your health.

11. Spinach.

You can’t have kale on a list without also including spinach, right? While kale is the winner when it comes to fighting allergy with vitamin C, spinach is higher in vitamin E, which can also help reduce symptoms.

12. Honey.

Do you want to sweeten things up a bit? Have some honey. A 2013 study found that adding it to your diet can help counteract your allergy symptoms and even prevent them from affecting you in the future.

13. Blueberries.

If you already had enough reasons to eat blueberries, now there is another: A study found that they are full of polyphenol quercetin that saves you from having to spend the entire allergy season with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.

14. Forage cabbage.

Not only are forage cabbages tasty, they are also rich in carotenoids, which could not only help prevent the development of food allergies, but also combat seasonal allergy symptoms.

15. Pineapple.

If you have noticed, pineapple tends to increase your defense against allergies, there is a reason for this: the 79 mg of vitamin C it contains per cup can help you control your symptoms and leave colds behind.

16. Garlic.

Not a fan of turmeric? Try garlic instead. This incredible food not only helps reduce allergic reactions; It also helps you prevent allergies in the first place. Plus, here’s the best part: it tastes good in any dish.

17. Tempeh.

Tempeh, a rich plant-based protein source made from soybeans, is packed with probiotics, and is a food that will help you fight your allergies. One study found that good gut bacteria can fight your seasonal allergy symptoms.

18. Avocado.

This will be your excuse to eat avocado toast as if you were paid for it: they are rich in vitamin C and E, which can help you double to get rid of your allergy symptoms.

19. Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are certainly an acquired taste, but once you figure out how to prepare them to your liking, you can say goodbye to your allergy symptoms. It has been found that the omega-3 in this vegetable could be the solution to your allergies that you always wanted.

20. Kiwi.

By slicing some kiwi and eating it as a snack, you will get some benefits to fight allergies thanks to its high content of vitamin C, which is 64 mg per fruit.

21. Red grapes.

Red grapes are easy to love – they are delicious and they are an easy to transport snack.  However, they are also very good at fighting allergies. One study found that the polyphenols contained in the fruit help prevent allergy symptoms from occurring.

22. Watermelon.

If you haven’t heard of lycopene, it’s about to become your new best friend. Foods with high levels of this chemical – which gives them their bright red color – have been found to help get rid of allergies and their symptoms.

23. Mango.

If eating a good pineapple already gave you a tropical feeling, also look for some mango: this is also high in vitamin C, at 60 mg per cup. The mango will help you put your allergies aside so you can feel so much better in no time.

24. Kombucha.

Tempeh isn’t the only probiotic-packed food you should have on your shopping list.  Kombucha is also a great way to combat seasonal allergy symptoms and have better gut health in the process. Just make sure you buy a high-quality product that is no sweeter than a healthy drink.

25. Papaya.

After trying papaya, you will either love it or hate it. The fruit definitely has a unique flavor, and it also has a notable benefit: Containing 140 mg of vitamin C per cup, it can help you get rid of some of the annoyances of allergies , such as itchy eyes and congestion.

26. Cauliflower.

There is a lot you can do with cauliflower. You can make a low-carb rice, mash it, or even turn it into crispy buffalo wings. And the more you consume it, the more allergy quercetin you’ll receive to help ensure your symptoms don’t appear all this spring.

27. Sauerkraut.

Sure, many people put some sauerkraut in their hot dogs, but there are plenty of other (healthier!) Ways to add fermented foods to your diet. And according to one study, it’s because of its gut health-enhancing probiotics that can eliminate allergies from your life forever in the process.

28. Black plums.

Like apples and red grapes, one study found that black plums are also a great source of the polyphenolic quercetin from antiallergic plants. Stock your pantry with these fruits the next time you go to the grocery store and eat them frequently.

29. Flax seeds.

Flax seeds have been around forever, around 6,000 years, FYI! – Adding this superfood to your diet could be a very smart anti-allergy solution. Whether you eat them in the form of cookies, oatmeal, or even waffles, one study found that their high omega-3 content can help combat symptoms.

30. Tomatoes.

Like watermelon, tomatoes are also a major source of lycopene to fight allergies. Eat tomato whenever you can, either in the form of a sauce or in your salads, to ensure that you are always healthy and without symptoms this year.

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