Cure liver problems with soursop

Traditional medicines have been used for ages in the treatment of different liver diseases, and numerous herbal preparations are available on the market. One such example is soursop to cure liver or liver problems.

Rich in soluble fiber, antioxidants like vitamin C, and beneficial anti-cancer phytochemicals, the benefits of soursop are believed to help your liver detoxify and support immune function.

Cure liver problems with soursop.

The liver is responsible for breaking down most of the drugs and chemicals that enter the body, leaving it highly exposed to acute or chronic liver problems caused by chemicals. One of the most common causes of liver disease is drugs and toxins. Excess consumption or overexposure to such chemicals can lead to predictable consequences on the liver.

Another common factor in the development of liver problems is cancer. Although primary liver cancer is quite rare, many forms of cancer usually metastasize to the liver. Since the liver filters a considerable volume of blood, which can carry cancer cells, it is highly susceptible to the development of secondary cancer.

Primary liver cancer is often caused by hepatitis B or C or in cases of chronic liver disease when there is liver cirrhosis.

Soursop detoxifies the liver due to its alkalinity.

Soursop is considered one of the best alkalinity-producing foods. Many proponents of the alkaline diet claim that by keeping the body’s pH slightly alkaline and consuming soursop to cure liver problems, it can help the body detoxify and block rapid cell degeneration.

It is a well-known fact that the body needs an acidic alkaline balance of 80/20, 80% alkaline and 20% acid.

But why? Research has shown in laboratory tests that tumors thrive and multiply in a more acidic environment. If the acid level drops, tumors develop more slowly. If such behavior occurs in testing, it makes sense that tumors and other disease-causing agents in the body are also affected (in hostile ways) by a general alkaline environment.

Also known as graviola, this tropical fruit is a natural immune booster, traditionally used to improve liver problems, treat colds and flu, and kill parasites.

Since the 1940s, most studies have focused on Annonaceous acetogenins, a naturally occurring compound produced in the leaves, bark, fruit seeds, and twigs of graviola or soursop.

Numerous studies have also shown that these natural chemicals have anti-cancer capabilities, which means that they fight different cancer cells and as such are an excellent immune function booster. Therefore, the use of soursop infusion can be considered to prevent cancer.

The dietary fiber in soursop cures liver problems.

Another attribute of soursop tea to cure liver problems is its rich content of dietary fiber.  Soluble fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of the liver because it helps to block and eliminate toxins and cholesterol that accumulate in this organ. A low fiber diet can result in the accumulation of fat and toxins in the liver, causing health problems such as  fatty liver disease.

In a study, new acetogenins extracted from soursop leaves and seeds were used in laboratory tests against liver cancer or hematoma cell lines.

These three new seed alkaloids were named muricin I, muricin H, and cis-annomontacin, while the two compounds in the leaves are annocataline and cis-corossolone. These new acetogenins exhibited potent activity against cancer cells.

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