Liver cleanse and detox with raisins

The liver is a biochemical laboratory in the body that leads to more complex processes. It is responsible for the breakdown of the toxins produced. Often times, excessive use of medications, an improper diet and certain bacterial and viral infections leave some consequences and pose a threat to the health of the liver.

Raisin liver cleansing and detoxification method.

The procedure for cleansing and detoxifying the liver using raisins is a very powerful method for the recovery of the body and its relief from toxins and many chronic diseases, because intoxication of the body prevents including a mechanism for self-healing and it also significantly reduces the effectiveness of medicines and recipes of traditional medicine. The liver in the body acts as a factory for the blood.

It also helps to strengthen and stimulate digestion. The liver also performs another function in the body and that is cleaning the blood and removing all toxins and waste products from it. Therefore, it is clear that this clean organ means health, vitality, energy, pleasant appearance and a good mood, and the detoxification of the liver plays an important role in maintaining the same so that the functions that depend on it, perform with optimal performance.

Choose quality raisins for your liver detox.

Raisin liver cleansing and detoxification begins with the following procedure: First choose quality raisins that we cannot find easily enough today. You should avoid pretty light yellowish raisins. The bright color of raisins is the result of treatment with sulfur dioxide or in the best case of violation of the rules during drying.

Pay no attention to the “shiny” raisins, which also have a chemical treatment. Quality raisins are dull, wrinkled, not too soft and not too hard (rubbery smooth). The grains must be preserved and not damaged.

Good raisins should be dark or brown in color (if they come from a brighter grape variety – then they are light brown in color). There is also a black raisin with a blue hue, which receives the darker varieties of the wine. It would be ideal if you could find raisins on small grape stalks, which is one of the main indicators of the naturalness of raisins. Once you select the good raisins without chemical treatments, then you can start preparing the active to cleanse the liver.

Procedure for cleansing and detoxifying the liver with raisins.

  1. Put half a cup of raisins in hot water in the morning. After 15 minutes, the raisins are washed well with clean water.
  2. Place the washed raisins in the mug and fill it to the top with boiled water and allow it to cool to room temperature. Leave the grapes like this for 24 hours (until the next morning).
  3. The next morning drink the potion and eat the raisins on an empty stomach. Lie in bed for an hour and a half to two hours and place a hot towel (or better yet a hot water bottle) on the right side of your abdomen.

Duration of liver detoxification treatment.

This procedure is done once a week. The duration of the liver cleansing and detoxification is one month (that is, once a week during the month) and twice a year. Try to be consistent with this treatment by following a consistent diet. Try to eat healthy foods without much cooking, avoid meat, dairy, white bread, fried foods, processed foods and high in sodium while doing your liver detox, as this will hinder the treatment. And remember that you have started this treatment because you want to take care of your body. Start by taking care of it and changing your eating habits first.

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