Home remedies to detoxify the liver

Eating a poor diet, such as the continuous consumption of fast foods, fried foods and fatty foods, as well as excess alcohol are the main causes of toxins in the liver. In this article you will learn how to effectively detoxify the liver with natural remedies.

We often forget to give liver care the importance it deserves. We do not follow a healthy daily diet and instead abuse excessively fatty foods, alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

The liver is not only affected by a poor diet. Nerves, stress or anger also contribute to damaging our liver. Although home remedies to detoxify the liver cannot be considered, it is important to keep in mind that the practice of certain sports or artistic activities that have a relaxation component will help us keep the liver in perfect condition.

The functions that the liver performs to keep our body healthy are several and so important that a liver in poor condition can cause serious health problems, so it is essential to know home remedies for the liver.

Home remedies to detoxify the liver.

Medicinal plants, specifically those of a bitter nature, are among the most effective home remedies for the liver to detoxify it, because these types of plants help to cleanse the liver. Taking milk thistle infusions daily will allow us to regenerate this organ. In addition, it helps the digestion of fats and we already know how harmful these are to the liver.

Another infusion that we find among home remedies for the liver is the one made from the flowers of the hibiscus plant, giving rise to the well-known hibiscus tea. This drink is digestive, antioxidant and will stimulate the liver and kidney and its preparation is not complicated at all.

Simply put four cups of water in a saucepan. When it breaks the boil, we must turn off the fire and add eight fresh hibiscus flowers to which we will have removed the stamens. Let it rest for twenty minutes and pass the liquid through a strainer before drinking.

In addition to being drunk warm, you can also add some ice cubes.

Home remedies with lemon to detoxify the liver.

The combination of lemon with olive oil is another of the home remedies to detoxify the liver because they help detoxify it. They are also foods that are not usually lacking in our homes and that taken on an empty stomach will be great allies to preserve the health of this organ.

For this remedy to be effective, one tablespoon with the juice of a natural lemon  should be taken every morning, along with another of olive oil first cold pressed. Then we will wait half an hour and drink one or two glasses of warm water. It is still advisable to wait a little longer before eating breakfast.

The olive oil first cold pressing is one that not being overly refined can preserve all their vitamins, such as vitamin C essential for good intestinal function and also has a high content of phytosterols.

The olive oil of first cold pressing is not equivalent to the so-called “extra virgin oil” or “virgin oil”.

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