How to make a nutritious turmeric milk

This turmeric milk can be drunk throughout the day, but most people drink it in the morning, on an empty stomach, and before going to bed. It is actually called Haldi ka doodh, which translates to milk of turmeric. It is believed to be a popular Ayurvedic recipe.  This ancient Indian healing system uses this drink as a natural remedy to detoxify the liver, regulate blood sugar, treat inflammation, and much more. This magical and creamy drink offers numerous benefits, and we are going to reveal the method of its preparation, and how to use it.

The turmeric has been used as a spice in Indian recipes as Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Turmeric offers many health benefits, as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is used to relieve swelling and headaches and wounds and is called ‘natural aspirin’ in Ayurvedic medicine.

It also possesses antibacterial properties and when applied to small cuts and wounds, it can stop blood flow by helping with clotting, preventing infection and healing wounds.

What is turmeric milk?

Turmeric milk in essence, is the combination of turmeric with milk. You can use cow’s milk (free range, pure and organic), although it is also highly recommended to use plant milk (coconut) since it is more digestible and healthier for most. Thus, in combination with milk, turmeric is used as a drink, lotion or even a mask for the face, and it is called turmeric milk.

But if you use turmeric milk as a drink, you have the option of adding more ingredients that make it an even more delicious and nutritious drink. You can sweeten it with honey or dates, and add more spices to make it warmer in flavor, spices like cinnamon and ginger.

What is turmeric milk used for?

  1. The all-natural milk of turmeric is safe to use for various ailments as it provides additional benefits for bone health. This is very important for people with bone disorders, such as arthritis. Turmeric is known to help people who suffer from joint pain.
  2. Turmeric is an antioxidant. Turmeric milk helps in fighting free radicals that damage the skin and cause it to lose its shine and elasticity. Most of us know how turmeric face masks help the skin, but ingesting turmeric (whether with turmeric milk or not) can also help.
  3. One of the benefits of turmeric milk is that it is a relief for coughs and colds.  Also, turmeric milk can treat diarrhea and indigestion. To do this, always use rice milk.
  4. Turmeric milk works as a soothing mask or lotion to reduce skin redness or blemishes. Blemishes and redness on the skin are common problems that we all face and that can be treated effectively from homemade turmeric milk.
  5. Turmeric milk is also a general body detoxifier. Drinking turmeric milk on a daily basis can aid in blood purification and liver detoxification. Blood impurities can lead to breakdown of health problems and turmeric milk is a great way to combat it.
  6. Turmeric is said to help people with Alzheimer’s disease by slowing its progression and lowering the risk of various types of cancer.
  7. Studies confirm the effectiveness of turmeric for treatments against depression. There have been numerous scientific studies that conclude that turmeric may be more effective in treating depression than any of the drugs on the market.

How to make a nutritious turmeric milk?

Although it is better to use a plant-based milk alternative, it can also be made with cow’s milk, only that as is known today, more and more people are intolerant to cow’s milk, since it can cause various health problems such as lactose intolerance, eczema, allergies, acne, hives, breathing problems, and irritable bowel syndrome. Especially when it is not organic.

Try to use coconut milk for this recipe, which will also provide a delicious exotic flavor and you can also benefit from its rich natural fats.


  • 2 cups of non-dairy milk (we recommend coconut).
  • 2 dates, pitted.
  • 1 tablespoon of pure honey.
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon.
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger.
  • Pinch of black pepper.


In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients, and heat them for 5 minutes. This delicious milk can be served hot or cold on ice.

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