How to make Aloe Vera juice for medicinal treatments

How to make your own aloe vera juice for medicinal treatments?

The properties of aloe vera juice that you can do in your own home provide numerous health benefits, here we are going to share how to do it and how to consume it.


  1. It is recommended to gather everything you will need before starting. This is important because fresh aloe vera gel oxidizes very quickly once it comes into contact with the air, which is important to immediately extract and process the gel once the leaf is opened.
  2. Use the utility knife to trim the thorny edges of the blade. And then rinse it off with cold water.
  3. Divide the aloe leaf into two halves. Take out the clear, translucent gel.
  4. Put the aloe vera gel in the blender and add a little citrus juice, such as orange or grapefruit. The juice helps to briefly stabilize the exposure of aloe vera gel, as well as improve the taste. Mix these ingredients for about two minutes.
  5. Pour the aloe vera juice into an airtight container. Refrigerate aloe vera juice at home. It will stay fresh for up to a week, but is the most potent in terms of health benefits, when consumed within two days.
  6. Mix two tablespoons of the aloe vera gel mixture in a glass of water to make a glass of aloe vera juice. You can attenuate or enhance the flavor with some accompanied fruit juice.

How to consume Aloe Vera juice for medicinal treatments?

Aloe vera juice for constipation.

Aloe vera juice is made from a yellow liquid (latex), a powerful, natural laxative, which is extracted from the herb. Its powerful laxative properties are beneficial in treating constipation.

Treatment for intestinal problems.

Aloe vera juice is also effective in treating other gastrointestinal complications such as irritable bowel syndrome, bowel regulator, and ulcers. What’s more:

  • Relieves stomach pain.
  • Increases alkalization and reduces acidity in the body.
  • Stimulates the normal lining of the stomach.

Aloe vera juice for diabetes.

Drinking aloe vera juice helps regulate blood sugar levels. While there are conventional treatments for diabetes, many people opt for natural medicine alternatives like aloe vera juice. However, before you start drinking aloe vera, be sure to consult a doctor to avoid potential side effects.

Helps to lose weight.

Do you want to lose weight naturally? By helping stabilize metabolic rate, lower lipid levels, and help burn fat, Aloe Vera juice is helpful for weight loss.

Improves oral health.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of aloe vera juice improves oral health and hygiene. Reduces gingivitis and plaque formation. Provides laxative relief for cold sores and mouth ulcers. Applying fresh aloe gel directly to the gums reduces pain and inflammation.

Relieves sinusitis.

Do you suffer from constant sinus problems? Try aloe vera which is rich in magnesium lactate which works as an antihistamine that helps reduce the problem of inflammation of the sinuses and chest due to various allergies.

Prevents cancer.

Fight cancer with regular intake of aloe juice. Contains high level of anti-cancer properties that hinder the growth of tumors preventing cancer.

Boost the immune system.

Drinking aloe vera juice regularly replenishes the amino acid deficiency in your body. The high content of vitamins in it, boosts the body’s immune system and self-defense mechanism.

Helps relieve the common and croup cold.

Those who regularly suffer from cold, cough, flu, nasal congestion, bronchitis and other respiratory disorders, Aloe Vera juice is the best natural solution.

Take aloe vera juice by mouth as a dietary supplement.

Apart from its medicinal properties, aloe vera juice is used as a food supplement because it has a certain content of useful nutrients. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved it as one of the recommended natural food flavoring substances.

Side effects.

Aloe vera has little or no side effects in most consumers. Possible side effects include loss of electrolytes, delaying the healing process, changing the color of urine to a pink color, fluid imbalance, and intestinal cramps.

Interaction of drugs and aloe vera.

There are certain conditions that exacerbate the side effects of aloe vera juice. People who have Crohn’s syndrome , other intestinal problems, who are menstruating, have appendicitis or colitis, should speak with a doctor before drinking aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice can cause medications associated with some of these conditions to be unsuccessful.


The recommended dose of liquid aloe vera is 2 tablespoons one to three times a day, alone or in juices.

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