Infusions to reduce stress and calm anxiety

The stress is a manifestation related to the mental, emotional and physical stress fatigue.  Same that is caused by higher-than-normal performance. For its part, anxiety (closely related to chronic fatigue ) is similar to stress but to a lesser degree and it is normal for it to appear more frequently in the life of every human being.

What causes anxiety?

  • It can be caused by biological inheritance; the predisposition causes greater episodes of the crisis.
  • Family environment, depending on the way of upbringing, can thus affect the person.
  • Imbalances in relays due to lack of sleep.
  • Not eating at the indicated time or not eating food properly.
  • Traumatic events that have not yet been forgotten or overcome.

What causes stress?

  • Exaggerated negativity, a person who finds problems in everything instead of solutions is predisposed to suffer stress.
  • For strong emotions, love breakups, for example, are one of the main causes of postmodern stress.
  • Acoustic stress, evidenced by the growing audiovisual pollution in the medium. The person who is exposed to unnecessary or unwanted noise may suffer from periods of stress.
  • Living alone out of fear, people who tend to live far from everything and everyone can suffer stress and thus maintain an environment of loneliness that does not contribute to good for their mental and emotional health.
  • Economic, family, religious problems, among other similar ones.

Infusions to reduce stress and calm anxiety?

There are several ways to combat both psychophysical disorders, one of the best options comes from the hand of natural processes that are effective and easy to administer. In this context, below are the best infusions to reduce stress and calm anxiety.

Chamomile infusion.

It is one of the most effective natural relaxants. Chamomile has the same activity on altered neurotransmitters as any painkiller synthesizing. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that it contains a high amount of sesquiterpenes, a substance that reaches the limbic brain (the place where memory and emotions are found) and the entire nervous system. This ability helps you reduce certain reactions that cause anxiety and stress.

To take advantage of its benefits, simply prepare a cup of hot water and add 4g of chamomile flowers. Let these rest for about ten minutes and drink. If the tension is high it is recommended to take two cups a day. If you want to sweeten you can add honey.


It is a natural substance that helps the human body to improve its physical and mental conditions during the day. Its nutrients act directly on the performance of the immune system and part of the central nervous system. It is not recommended in pregnant women as it can sometimes alter the pituitary gland.

For its effectiveness it is recommended to drink two cups a day. It is recommended not to prepare it in aluminum or iron containers since these materials strip it of its nutrients. Just add one or two ginseng roots cut into pieces and add water, let it simmer and wait for it to sit for 45 minutes and then eat it.

Valerian infusion.

Its therapeutic effects to reduce stress and calm anxiety have made it one of the most widely used herbs. It acts as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant, sedative, anxiolytic, among other similar ones. It is also used as a tranquilizer and analgesic in the brain and central nervous system.

Its effect is positive when two cups are ingested for periods of 28 days. Drinking is not recommended in pregnant or nursing women. Preparing infusions is simple. Only one tablespoon of valerian should be allowed to stand in a cup of hot water, let it sit for a maximum of two minutes and drink.


Lavender infusion helps reduce stress. Its calming effect is due to the fact that it contains substances that adhere to the signal transmission mechanism of the peripheral nervous system and reduce lactate, which generally causes the person to become too stressed. To prepare a lavender drink it is only necessary to pour 70 g of this flower in two liters of water and let it rest for about fifteen minutes before drinking. Two cups a day will be enough to notice the improvement.

Passion flower.

Also known as passionflower, passion flower helps reduce anxiety and stress. Its effectiveness is due to its anxiolytic effects that calm these problems. It basically stimulates neurotransmitters and relaxes the nervous system. To prepare an infusion, just add 100 g of this flower in a liter and a half of hot water and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Then it will be ready to drink. No more than two cups a day is recommended.

Tips to be relaxed.

The infusions to reduce stress and calm anxiety that have been presented are effective. But the less they are used, the better it will be for each person’s health. To achieve this emotional and physical balance, the following tips can be followed.

  • Breathe deeply in situations that can alter character.
  • Avoid excessive -or total- consumption of energy drinks.
  • Practice exercise routines at least twice a week or yoga sessions.
  • Detect the origin that unravel the anxiety episodes and start a natural treatment.
  • Fight anxiety by understanding what is happening and not running away.
  • Correctly interpret each life situation to avoid unnecessary alterations.
  • Communicate feelings, failure to do so causes a time bomb that will explode sooner or later.
  • Learn to be tolerant of others, each one with their strengths and weaknesses can be beneficial or vice versa.
  • Get adequate rest, which includes sleeping between 5 and 8 hours and if possible, a nap in the afternoon.

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