Laughter is natural pain reliever

If something is going to hurt you, laugh out loud as they are natural painkillers. Simple smiles or giggles have no physiological effect; the intense laughter increases the pain threshold and the laughter therefore turns out to be natural painkillers.

Laughter is natural pain reliever.

In the research volunteers were subjected to physical pain (an ice pack was placed on their arm to see how long they could resist the cold sensation), but those who enjoyed 15 minutes of humorous programs, and who laughed out loud, resisted up to 10% more pain.

Another group, who during the same time watched programs that did not stimulate laughter and laughter, were less able to resist the pain.

Uncontrollable laughter releases endorphins in the body, which in addition to generating a mild euphoria also calm physical pain. The ‘pain’ of intense laughter is what produces the release of these chemical substances that turn out to be natural painkillers and that are at our disposal to cause us the sensation of pleasure or happiness.

The purpose of causing us to laugh or a good laugh is an act of survival since it stimulates endorphins and causes a sensation of unequaled pleasure, and in turn, it can help us to counteract the sensation of pain produced in the body.

Although we see monkeys laugh, says Dunbar, only humans can do it in a loud way to produce endorphins and this is our recipe for naturally soothing pain with these natural pain relievers.

Try this effective method to calm pain with laughter and you will see the difference between being a pessimistic person and a person who deals with problems with a mood to reduce pain.

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