Natural Treatments for Hypertension

How a natural treatment helps to treat high blood pressure to reduce the health problems that this cardiovascular problem can bring.

A holistic approach combining the use of carefully chosen herbal remedies along with lifestyle changes can improve overall cardiovascular health and be a natural treatment for hypertension.

Moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day can have an immediate effect on high blood pressure, and losing as little as 10 pounds can make a big difference, too. Even small dietary changes like cooking with more garlic and flavorful herbs instead of salt can have beneficial effects.

Natural remedies to treat hypertension.

Uses of green tea for hypertension.

The polyphenols in tea help fight plaque buildup in the veins and arteries and help treat hypertension. Two to three cups a day of green or hibiscus tea, a delicious red tea, has been shown in studies to be effective in reducing high blood pressure.

Plant-based diuretics such as buchu corn whisker tea can also help eliminate edema. The herb angelica contains compounds that act as calcium antagonists, which are often prescribed for high blood pressure and heart health.

Uses of aromatherapy to treat hypertension.

Aromatherapy has a lot to offer in the treatment of hypertension. Hypotensive oils to watch out for are lavender, marjoram, and ylang ylang. The oils can stabilize and relax and the herbs can be used in therapeutic massages, relaxing baths to relieve stress and tension that increases high blood pressure.

Berberine-containing plants are best known as anti-infective agents in treating diarrhea and intestinal disorders, but they have the beneficial side effect of lowering blood pressure as well.

In Iran, the barberry (Berberis vulgaris) leaf is used to reduce edema, in France, its bark is used in hypertension. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), coptis (Coptis spp.) And other berberine-containing plants are used in heart formulas. Although most useful as a wound herb and reduces fever, yarrow helps relax blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

People with hypertension should be very careful when using and mixing herbs, over-the-counter drugs, and prescription drugs. Do your research carefully before trying any new herb, and always take note of your individual reaction.

Maintaining electrolyte balance is also important for treating hypertension, for example  licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) can lower potassium levels, cause sodium and water retention, and increase blood pressure.

Reduce hypertension through pressure points.

Another natural way to treat hypertension geared with Chinese medicine. This remedy is very effective especially if it is included within a specific holistic plan where diet, exercise and a different lifestyle are carried out to treat hypertension.

This is more than a line that begins behind the cartilage of the ear, and goes towards the lower half of the bone of the neck line. Do not squeeze or rub this line, but carefully touch it using the tips of your fingers, from the beginning to the end of the line. Repeat 10 times on each end of the line, and 10 more times on the other side.

This line begins at the level of the earlobe, and runs above the jaw until before reaching the mouth.

Massage on both sides of the line using your fingertips for one minute. Gentle, as only pressure should be felt, but do not press hard in order to avoid pain. This treatment offers fantastic results.

Chinese medicine suggests this massage for the regulation of high blood pressure, as it prevents it and allows adequate blood flow. In addition, its use will help to get rid of toxic and harmful medications, and help treat this problem in a completely natural and safe way by following a healthy plan in your lifestyle along with this practice.

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