Spiritual healing powers of some herbs, plants and teas

There are special herbs and plants that reserve us much more than just physical healing and health promoting effects, they are said to also have spiritual healing powers, that is, they also work to balance an energy level in our body.

For centuries, people have searched their mugs to find answers in tea leaves. These infusions and herbs have always had a spiritual energy. When you take the time to make yourself a comforting cup of herbal tea, you are allowing yourself to go inward. Soften your thoughts and begin to listen to the voice of your intuition.

The art of making spiritual tea

In our current age of convenience, many simply take a tea bag and dip it into a mug of hot water. This instant tea is really just flavored water. But if you want to reap all the spiritual benefits that a healing herbal tea has to offer, you should take the time to prepare it.

Tea is best prepared in a closed container, either a teapot or a cup with a small saucer placed on top to serve as a lid. When you brew tea in this way, you allow the beautiful aromatic qualities to circulate in the liquid again. You know that uplifting fragrance that comes from peppermint tea? Well, that accounts for the majority of the spiritually healing herbal oils floating in the atmosphere. If you prepare it in a teapot or cup with a lid, the steam condenses back into the infusion.

Spiritual healing powers of some herbs, plants and teas

For most herbal teas and for maximum spiritual healing power, you will need to brew it for at least five minutes in boiling water. You can allow your tea to brew longer for an even more potent spiritually activated herbal infusion. A general rule of thumb is one teaspoon of herb per cup of water, plus one extra for the kettle. So, if your kettle contains two cups of water, you should add three teaspoons of herb.


Calendula is a powerful spiritual herb that will bring healing and activate your innate healing abilities. When you take calendula, you stand firm as a powerful healer. This tea repairs your energy field and gives you protection.


Chamomile helps attract abundance. It is one of the herbs with healing powers that should be basic in the pantry. This pleasant tasting spiritual herb relaxes your energy, allowing you to be receptive. When things seem challenging, it can be for one of two reasons: you are trying to go in a different direction than the one actually leading you, or you are unwilling to receive help and support along the way. When you drink chamomile, you let your guard down and let it all flow.


Fennel tea (made from the seeds) can help reduce sugar cravings. On an energetic level, he gives you a “pat on the back.” As a healer or reader, you can focus on helping others rather than spending time on yourself. By drinking this spiritually enhancing herbal infusion, you remind yourself that it is okay to take a break from time to time. You can relax, take a day off, and just enjoy life.


Ginger tea releases anger and frustration. It helps you free yourself from resentment and jealousy, and brings you to a place of satisfaction and balance.


Hibiscus tea is a wonderful ruby ​​infusion. It allows you to accept your sensitive side. Know that being sensitive is not a weakness; It’s an asset! By perceiving the subtle energies around you, you will know much more easily when to continue. The spiritual plant hibiscus brings you and your loved ones together. Heals past wounds and promotes forgiveness.


Lavender is a spiritually rejuvenating legendary herb that relaxes the mind and silences the voice of the ego. It is beautiful before a meditation, as it resonates with the mind. This awakens the intuition. Lavender brings a deeper spiritual understanding. This herb helps to dispel any fear about embracing your spiritual gifts.


Lemongrass, or lemongrass, is a lesser-known spiritual herb that avoids distractions and procrastination. If you are struggling to do something and come up with lots of excuses not to do it, then you need lemongrass tea! It gives you clarity of purpose so you can get to work. It also shows you the tremendous benefit that completing this task will serve you well as well as others. Lemongrass sharpens your focus and prevents people from interrupting your important work.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is great for when you feel exhausted. It is a highly nutritious infusion that helps your body physically. Provides energy protection, giving you time to recharge. As your body and mind reset, you learn new ways to handle situations. Understand the lessons involved in your current situation and you won’t have to repeat them.


Peppermint is a common but still powerful spiritual plant that helps motivate and inspire you, bringing you creative new ideas on how to achieve your dreams. It clears and balances your energy centers in the body that are located in your head and in the solar plexus, which gives you confidence and self-esteem.

Rose tea

Rose tea is an ancient and sacred spiritual herbal tea that opens your heart. It attracts compassion, understanding, healing, and, of course, love. When you drink this tea, you become very conscious of your language. Every word you speak will have the essence of love attached to it. All your communications will be uplifting and will focus you on healing. You will find that you have no time for gossip or negativity. Instead, you will become a source of inspiration to those around you, who will wonder why you are so peaceful and will want to join you on that path of tranquility.


Rosemary may not be an herb that you commonly think of for tea. It tastes exactly how you would expect, but the energy is beautiful! Has an affinity for the head area. Eliminate unwanted thoughts, lift negative thinking in favor of a positive attitude, and aid concentration. Rosemary resonates with the focused energy in your mind and releases the pressure surrounding your path, making it a great spiritual herb to have on hand. Allow yourself to enjoy this wonderful journey and don’t put unnecessary deadlines in its place.


Saffron tea sounds so indulgent and real. And saffron is the most expensive herb in the world. Fortunately, you only need the smallest amount to make a very powerful spiritual activation tea. Add five to ten threads of good quality saffron (parts of the pistil of a saffron) to a cup of boiling water. Let it rest for a minimum of ten minutes so that the saffron can fully give itself to the water. Research trials have shown that saffron helps relieve PMS symptoms and feelings of depression. Spiritually, saffron allows you to discover bits of the mystery that surrounds existence for you, allowing you to learn deep concepts of it. Saffron awakens and cleanses all your energy centers and connects you to your best thoughts, making it an essential spiritual herb for the seeker.


Thyme is another spiritual herb that you may not have considered making. This tea opens your communication centers and resonates with throat energy to help you speak and write with passion and purpose. If you find it difficult to express yourself, try thyme tea.

How to take herbal medicines

As a sensitive and spiritual person, you may not need high doses of herbal supplements as your body is receptive to these healing compounds and you will start using them immediately. When it takes others three or four weeks to see a change, you may see improvements in a matter of days.

You understand that what you eat changes all your energy. You have noticed that you cannot handle certain foods or drinks because they simply do not agree with your body. So before diving into high doses of spirit herbs, check your intuitive feelings.

Medicinal herbs come in a variety of forms, including tablets, capsules, teas, liquid extracts, and tinctures. Whichever form you choose, make sure it comes from a reliable company, sustainably harvested and organically or wild. This will give you the best results, as well as the highest energy and spiritual activation.

Any form of spirit herb will have a healing influence, but there is something especially powerful about a liquid. When you take a tincture, it goes through the energy and vibration of the spiritual plant. Add the appropriate dose to a small glass of water. The amount of water is not important as long as you drink all of it.

If you take other medications or have pre-existing health problems, always consult a healthcare professional before starting herbal medications.

Spiritual herbs to support the energy of the hands

There are several herbal medicines that can help stimulate the eccrine glands and the energy of the hands in a supportive way. Don’t worry, taking these herbs will not mean that you will suddenly be sweating. The wisdom of nature connects with your body and determines what healing you need right now. If the sweat glands are blocked or sluggish, these herbs can help stimulate and wake them up. If okay, these spirit herbs nurture and sustain you more generally.

Elder (Sambucus nigra)

Elder (Sambucus nigra) is available in two forms: the berry and the flower. The berry of the elder’s herb is an excellent antiviral. In this case, however, we are more interested in flowers, as they help promote sweating.

The oldest tree has a long history connected to ancient mysticism. Even the farmers would refer to the spirit of this tree as the “Elder Mother”. This spiritual herb has a powerful energy that awakens your intuition and unlocks your energy that may be stagnant. Older flowers have a connection to the head and are great for people with constant colds, a runny nose, or hay fever.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is an herb that warms and stimulates circulation. As your blood spreads through the top layers of your skin, it clears out the eccrine glands. Ginger carries with it the nutrition that is available to your body. Think of it as a courier service that transports your vitamins and minerals to the places that need them most.

Along with this nutrition, your energy also flows the same way. According to traditional Chinese medicine, blood and energy / life force follow one another. So, if your circulation is stimulated, so is your energy and therefore your intuition.

Mint (Mentha x piperita)

Peppermint helps stimulate the eccrine glands and calm an upset stomach. You may have noticed that when you have a spiritually activating cup of peppermint tea, your hands sometimes feel warmer. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it shows that the energy in the palm has been awakened. Your hands are now more sensitive to energy and you can use them as a natural divination tool.

When you meet someone for the first time and shake their hand, trust the impression you receive. Peppermint tea will help you be more confident in these intuitive messages.

Heart-healthy herbs

Medicinal herbs have both physical and energetic properties. These heart-healthy spiritual herbs nourish and protect your physical heart, stimulate your heart’s energy, and also heal you emotionally.

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)

Astragalus is a legendary tonic spiritual herb that nourishes the heart. It can balance your blood pressure, as well as help you better cope with stress. Astragalus is a wonderful regulator for the body. Corrects imbalances and helps you overcome any obstacles.

Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza)

Dan Shen is a spiritual herb that has a strong connection to the heart. Balance your blood pressure and prevent your blood from getting too thick. Dan Shen protects the heart and can reduce palpitations.

This herb can be helpful when people have a fiery energy about them, appearing angry and aggressive. A red face that comes from anger or high blood pressure can be a sign that this herb is necessary.

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)

Hawthorn is a great spiritual plant for healing the heart, both physical and emotional. On a physical level, it protects the heart muscle. It nourishes this precious organ, helps to strengthen and regulate it. Emotionally and energetically, it relieves a broken heart. You can use it to cure pain; difficult relationships; and feelings of being taken advantage of by friends, family or colleagues. Hawthorn has a gentle energy, like a comforting friend who gives you support.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Korean ginseng is a powerful tonic spiritual herb that deserves great respect. Stimulates and awakens the whole body. In contrast to the way caffeine stimulates, Korean ginseng heals and restores.

Nourishes the heart and clears feelings of weakness. Korean ginseng allows you to cope with stressful situations in a healthy way, and it has even shown the ability to increase mental alertness and memory. Taking a dose just before an exam can help you remember more information, an even more powerful effect when combined with ginkgo.

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