The secret about cancer that has been revealed

Since its inception, cancer has been conceived as one of the worst health problems in human history. It was in the year 1931 that the scientist Otto Heinrich Warbuch, winner of the Nobel Prize, discovered and revealed one of the primary causes of cancer. His extensive findings were published in his thesis “the primary cause and prevention of cancer. “However, there is some secret about cancer that needs to be revealed.

Heartburn in the body and lack of oxygen: cause of cancer.

In a synthesized way, affirmed with concrete evidence that cancer is the result of an anti-physiological diet and a degrading life. When talking about an anti-physiological diet, it is said that the person consumes too many acidifying foods and that they cause the acceleration of sedentary lifestyle. When the body exceeds normal levels of acidity, the cells initiate an abnormal expulsion of oxygen and die.

” The shortage of oxygen together with acidosis represent the two sides of a coin called cancer“, “it is proven that acidic substances cause the rejection of oxygen, quite the contrary with alkaline substances that attract it.” This is where one of the secrets of cancer is revealed, Warburg says: ” a cell that does not get oxygen for 48 hours becomes cancerous” It also points out that all cells must consume oxygen to function, but cancerous cells can function without this property, it is a rule without exception.

Acidosis and hypoxia: two basic cancer conditions.

Sometime later he published another research work which he called “The metabolism of tumors”, in it the two basic conditions of cancer were pointed out: acidosis and hypoxia. This is where he confirmed his claim that cancer cells did not need oxygen to function, therefore, high oxygen levels eliminated them. Another of the conclusive assertions of this research was the discovery of the role that glucose plays, in its presence cancer cells survive.

How to measure acidosis or alkalosis?

Based on the years of cancer research and the data revealed in the researches of scientist Otto Heinrich, it could be affirmed that cancer is a defense barrier used by an organism that has been devastated by acidity and that requires them to survive. Likewise, it should be remembered that cells in perfect condition work when there is an oxygenated and therefore slightly alkaline environment.


High state of acidity in the body; alkalosis, increased alkalinity in the body. Making these two concepts clear, the explanation about the process that promotes these two states comes into play.

When a person ingests food, a complex process of digestion and absorption of properties that each food contains begins, this transition in the body causes a condition of acidity or alkalinity, both dependent on proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins.

To know what state has been generated in an intake, an exam must be carried out that measures result through a scale called PH. This measurement has values ​​from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral PH for the body. As established above, the human body must have a certain alkaline tendency for cells to function properly.


An optimal state of health, and according to WHO (World Health Organization) references, should register a blood pH of 7.40 to 7.45. Going down to a pH less than 7 means entering a coma and lower levels death is conceivable. Therefore, there can only be two categories of food that define the chances of suffering from cancer or not, these are divided into

Foods that cause heartburn.

  • Refined sugar and derivatives, is one of the most dangerous since it does not contain anything productive, it has no proteins, minerals, fats, much less vitamins. The only thing it contributes are refined carbohydrate molecules that damage the pancreas, its PH is 2.1, it is highly acidifying.
  • All meats.
  • Cow’s milk and its derivatives.
  • Refined flour (pasta, cookies, among others.)
  • Soda, alcohol, tobacco, medicine, margarine, caffeine, and bakery products that contain saturated fat.
  • Cooked foods, including cooked vegetables. It happens that cooking removes oxygen.
  • Everything that contains colorants, stabilizers, preservatives and packaged foods.

Cancer is caused by high levels of acidity in the blood, a condition that occurs from eating foods like those in the previous list. This is a point of reflection because today, and living an accelerated pace of life, the consumption of refined foods is becoming more frequent, just look at the number of cancer patients, it increases by 2% each quarter, especially in developed countries.

Alkaline foods (healthy for life).

  • Raw vegetables, some are usually acidic but the body’s reactions make them alkaline, in their raw form they provide a significant amount of oxygen, cooking eliminates this property.
  • Uncooked fruits are just as beneficial as vegetables, lemon, for example, has a pH of 2.2, but within the body it is highly alkaline.
  • Seeds, in addition to their nutrients, provide alkalinity.
  • Whole grains, the only truly whole grain is millet, the rest are slightly acidifying but just as healthy. In this case, it is ideal to eat them cooked.
  • Chlorophyll from plants, especially aloe vera.
  • Purified water, its supply of oxygen is vital.
  • Exercise provides oxygenation to all systems.

The secret about cancer that has been revealed.

Several studies report hours of research, affirm probable causes such as genetics, sedentary lifestyle, etc. But the best kept secret since the discovery of cancer is precisely its origin, a diet full of saturated foods that increases acidosis in the body and predisposes a person to cancer.

Millionaire business, open secret.

We go deeper, when suffering from some type of cancer, comes the diagnosis and treatment. A treatment that 95% has its own name, chemotherapy. It is a process that acidifies the whole organism to extremes, so much so that the whole body must resort to alkaline reserves instantly to avoid shock and neutralize acidity.

This reaction has consequences, as the impact sacrifices mineral reserves such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. In the absence of these components, the damage to its deposits such as bones, nails, teeth and hair are seriously affected. It is for this reason that people with cancer and on chemotherapy gradually begin to degenerate.

Let food be your medicine.

It is true, this is information that is somewhat difficult to access, but not impossible to find. So, when reading it one wonders, why are the big industries surrounding cancer medication not focusing on prevention rather than treatment? Would it be incoherent to say that their multi-million-dollar business would collapse? Of course not, it is proven and food entities play an important role in this huge harmful circle. But hey, this is another matter entirely.

It is never too late to redirect the condition of our health, at this point, and after having read the above, it only remains to strongly recommend a natural diet free of refined products, as the great Hippocrates would say: “that food be your medicine, let your medicine be food ”

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