How to naturally remove uric acid crystals in joints

Gout occurs when you have excess uric acid in your blood, resulting in the accumulation of painful uric acid crystals in your joints. To naturally eliminate uric acid crystals in joints, you can use a series of home remedies that will be very effective for their treatment.

Although this can be a sign of kidney problems, your diet plays an important role in the development of gout. This includes eating too many high-purine foods, which contain uric acid, and drinking too little water.

How to remove uric acid crystals from the joints

Since cucumbers are low in purines and high in water, they can potentially play an important role in preventing gout and naturally clearing uric acid crystals in joints. Like other foods and home remedies that help to naturally eliminate this problem from our body, providing health and well-being.

Cucumbers and Purinas

Cucumbers are very low in purines, accounting for about 15 percent of uric acid in the body. Cucumbers contain 7.3 milligrams of purines in every 100 grams. In comparison, foods rich in purines contain more than 200 milligrams of purines in every 100 grams, like the 411 milligrams of purines in 100 grams of anchovies. As a result, cucumbers are ideal for a low-purine diet to prevent gout.

Water content

Water helps flush uric acid from your body. As a result, drinking plenty of water prevents uric acid build-up that creates gout symptoms. Since cucumbers are more than 95 percent of their weight in water, this can increase your daily intake of this liquid significantly and potentially reduce the risk of gout.

Drinking this juice may cause pain in some people, but it is just a sign that you are getting better. In other words, the pain you feel is a sign that the juice is breaking through toxic buildups and wasting waste matter.

Celery and ginger reduce inflammation, and are helpful during the cleansing process and to remove uric acid crystals.

Juice to reduce uric acid


1 Medium cucumber
2 Celery stalks
1 Lemon slice
Young ginger root (one inch long)


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Clean the ingredients well. Cut the cucumber into slices, or small pieces that will fit in your juicer. Do the same with the celery stalks, and make sure there is no dirt on them. Cut the lemon in half, and keep the rest in the fridge. Peel the ginger root. Add the ingredients to your juicer and process.

How long should this juice be drunk to remove uric acid crystals?

Drink it until you notice some improvement. Best results are obtained when drinking once or twice a day, as the dosage will be sure to speed up the process. It is obviously recommended to take, along with this juice, a diet free of foods loaded in purine, that is, a healthy diet for these purposes. Doing the opposite, drinking this juice will not yield the desired fruits.

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