What are ovarian cysts, their causes and natural treatments

The ovarian cysts appear as balloons filled with fluid, which are located inside or the surface of the ovaries, these are the female reproductive organs and are responsible for producing egg for fertilization.

This disease affects thousands of womenmoreover, most of them have been diagnosed at some time in their life, some fear for their health but this does not mean that they suffer from “Ovarian Cancer”, since these tumors are generally benign, but in some cases the doctor does not rule out the possibility that the disease can be treated.

What are the causes of ovarian cysts?

Most cysts on the ovaries are “functional cysts caused by excessive estrogen production. These occur when the follicles of the ovaries that produce the hormones and then release the egg do not rupture and continue to increase in size.

In other cases, the follicle releases the ovule but fluid accumulates within it, these tumors can reach up to 4 centimeters, accumulate blood and cause bleeding and severe abdominal pain.

Functional cysts are benign and appear during the childbearing period, they do not need medical treatment since they disappear on their own in a few weeks.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts:

This disease does not produce too many symptoms, those women who have this type of tumor in the ovaries usually have:

  • Pain in the pelvic area.
  • Abdominal swelling.
  • Pain when defecating.

Symptoms can be relieved and eliminated with natural remedies, which are effective and very inexpensive. In addition, natural medicine is able to prevent cysts from increasing in size and requiring other types of medical treatments.

Natural treatments for ovarian cysts.

What are the natural treatments to remove ovarian cysts?

Fortunately, there are plants and products that have properties that manage to combat this disease with great effectiveness, some of them are:

  • Cinnamon: You should drink 2 cups of cinnamon infusion before menstruation begins, this will dissolve cysts and also relieve colic and reduce abdominal swelling.
    Why drink cinnamon? The cinnamon is known for its properties anticoagulant and anti – inflammatory, so it is beneficial in this case.
  • Dandelion: The infusions of dandelion help eliminate ovarian cysts because it is able to balance hormones. You drink 3 cups a day to combat this disease. How to prepare the infusion? Two tablespoons of leaves are placed for each cup of boiling water, after standing 10 minutes you should strain and drink the infusion warm.
  • Licorice: Its properties dissolve cysts in the ovaries, licorice infusions are not recommended when a woman has high blood pressure, as the problem could worsen.
  • Fennel: To avoid the formation of this type of benign tumor, you should consume fennel. This is a plant with antispasmodic properties, ideal for treating inflammation and recommended for treating ovarian cysts.
  • Dong Quai: Dong Quai infusions improve blood circulation and help dissolve cysts; however, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Other alternatives and natural therapies to combat ovarian cysts are:

  • Application of hot compresses: When pain and swelling becomes an intolerable discomfort, wet cloths should be applied to the pelvic area.
  • Aromatherapy: The use of Lavender oil and Ylang Ylang can alleviate the pain caused by cysts.
  • Massages with almond or geranium oils: A gentle massage in the abdominal area with one of these essential oils can quickly relieve the pain and discomfort caused by ovarian cysts. You should only place a few drops of any of these oils on your hands and massage the pelvic area without exerting pressure.
  • Changes in diet: It is important to add vitamin E, flaxseed oil, Magnesium and B vitamins to your diet. These are able to balance hormones and eliminate cysts.

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