Why can our back hurt?

If you have severe or extended back pain, the first step you should take is to consult a doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

One of the most frequent problems today is pain in the back, from the neck to the waist. This can be caused by various factors, especially poor posture, lack of sleep and overload of activities. Answer the question of why does my back hurt? in the next article.

The most frequent queries about back pain

Anyone can suffer from back pain. However, there are factors that increase the disease  and the risk of cervical or lumbar problemsTo find the cause and treatment for your case, consult a doctor or orthopedist and follow their instructions.


When we begin to age, the spine does too. That is why, from the age of 30 or 40, we can suffer more back pain, due to the weakening of the bones and muscles over time.

Little exercise

Those who do not play sports or do not exercise are more likely to suffer back pain. The sedentary lifestyle and the problems in that area are more than related.


Those who are overweight or obese are more likely to have pain in their spine, because this area of ​​the body must work harder to support the entire weight of the body.


Hereditary factors are the cause of low back or cervical pain. Pay close attention to the problems that your parents, grandparents or uncles have suffered or suffer from. Arthritis in the spine or ankylosing spondylitis have genetic components.


Depending on the tasks we perform each day, we can suffer from back pain. For example, those who lift weights every day, those who push or lift things several times a day or those who sit or stand all day are those who suffer the most from this problem, according to studies.


There is a very close relationship between back pain and smoking. This is because people who smoke can have trouble transporting necessary nutrients to the lumbar discs. Also, it is more difficult for them to recover from any trauma or contracture.


Herniated discs, muscle strain, spasm, scoliosis, arthritis, spondiolisesis, lumbar stenosis, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, infections, endometriosis, and injured discs are all causes of back pain. It is necessary to consult a doctor to carry out the corresponding studies and indicate the most effective treatment.


As this study indicates, many sleep-related disorders affect back pain. Poor sleep, a pillow that is too low or high, a deformed or old mattress, or an incorrect posture at night are all causes of back pain.

How to strengthen your back

One of the ways so that our back does not hurt so much is to have a strong and healthy spine. Pay attention to the following keys to achieve it:

Good posture

Having a good daily posture is essential. To do this, do not be hunched over, shoulders forward and chest sunken, all day when you work on the computer. Use an ergonomic seat that supports your back well, from the waist to the nape.

Try to use cushions to be more comfortable. Always align your shoulders with your ears and imagine that you have a board on your back. At first it will be somewhat uncomfortable, but you will see that it has many advantages.

If your job requires you to lift weights, bend your knees and move closer to the object. Take it between your hands and return to the starting position. Do not bend your back, because you will be doing a wrong movement and harmful to the spine.


You can do any type of discipline, even those of strength such as lifting weights or apparatus, as they would help you strengthen the muscles of the lumbar region. The best is swimming, Pilates, yoga, cycling and walking. You only need half an hour a day and you will start to feel great. The sport you choose will help you improve your back health.


Especially if you have a very sedentary job. Several times a day, get up from your seat and do certain movements so that your back is not always in the same position. It also stretches the neck, waist, shoulders, head, etc. Stretching exercises must be slow and deliberate, not sudden.

Raise your arms as if you want to touch the sky with your hands, make circles with your waist, move your head from ear to ear and make circular movements to both sides with your neck. You can also look for some yoga poses, which are sure to help you.


Diet also affects the health of your spine. Eating more lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will affect your back and reduce pain. Research suggests that omega 3 and B vitamins are recommended to reduce spinal nerve problems.


How and how much are two questions to be answered. First of all, pay attention to the postures you take when you sleep. If your mattress or pillow is not in good condition, replace it.

If you sleep on your back, try to do it on your side, for example. Try to rest between six and eight hours a day. Make the time to go to bed a ceremony: turn off the electronic devices, try not to go to bed later than 11p.m and do not take work or study to bed.


Studies confirm that those who meditate have less back pain than those who lead a more hurried and stressed life. With meditation, you will also improve your mood, be more productive and help you have a correct posture thanks to the lotus flower position, the best known for meditation. Try to do it every day in the morning, for about ten minutes.

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