Why do we have cold hands and feet all year long?

Cold hands and feet can be a sign of poor circulation from leading a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, one of the first recommendations to prevent it is to exercise daily.

When it is cold in winter, we can understand that the extremities “freeze”, but  why in summer do I still have cold hands and feet? Read this article to answer this question. We anticipate that one of the causes is poor blood circulation.

Cold hands and feet 365 days a year

Why this can happen is not well understood. The rest of the body is hot, sweaty, perhaps suffering on summer days with more than 35 ° C. What about the feet and hands, which are as cold as if we had put them in a container with ice cubes?

The reason for this problem is in the blood circulation. Under certain conditions, the blood that goes to the feet and hands (more precisely, to the fingers), is withdrawn, so that the extremities cool down and even become insensitive.

When we are in winter it is easy to infer why this happens, since the cold sets in and it seems not to want to leave the environments (not to mention outside). But, in summer or when it is hot, it is not very logical.

In addition to the circulatory problems already mentioned and that we will detail later, it can also be due to a low-calorie diet or, in more serious cases, heart disease.

“I do not understand. If I am healthy, we are in spring or summer, I eat well, I do sports… so why do my hands and feet get so cold even wearing socks in July? Well, this can be a wake-up call or signal your body is giving you that something is not working as it should.

The cold is felt more in the limbs

It is good to know that both the feet and the hands are the final part of two very important areas of the body: the trunk and the legs. They are the most important contact between the internal and the external, the first thing that moves when we want to take something or move.

As mentioned before, poor circulation is the main cause from an organic point of view. It may be that due to your posture or daily work, the blood cannot reach the extremities correctly, for example. Other reasons are narrowing of the blood vessels, low metabolic rate, and hypotension (low blood pressure).

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily physical activity to increase well-being and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among others.

For what other reasons do limbs get cold?

We could then add one more factor to the cooling of hands and feet. Emotional! How is that? Now we explain it to you in detail.

If we tend to suffer from frozen limbs all year round, it is because the body enters a dilemma between advancing or retracting. To make it better understood, we want to do something, but for a cause that perhaps we do not know, we slow down before moving forward.

If, for example, we want to buy a chocolate in the market and the mind tells us that we are on a diet or that the price is too high for the budget, then we automatically bring our hand back. This is translated by the body as “for circulation in that area.”

In the field of psychology, the relationship between the problems of moving forward in life and cold extremities is studied. If we cannot take a step forward to begin to study, mature, form a family, go where we want, the organism receives the order not to send blood to the feet.

Emotional factor

If we want to hug, caress or hold someone’s hand and we do not dare, if we deprive ourselves of doing what we want, if we look but do not touch… Then the upper extremities will be cold.

Spotting cold hands or feet is easy. But what is a little more difficult is understanding why or relating it to an emotional problem. It’s probably because something is interfering between what you feel and what you do or say.

It is time to act and let nothing stop you from enjoying life! Don’t keep any feelings to yourself! Neither your hands nor your feet should back down. Keep moving forward and you will see how, from now on, they will stop being so cold when it is 40 ° C in the street.

How to avoid cold hands and feet?

In addition to adopting an active lifestyle, you should maintain good hydration. On the other hand, the ideal would be to follow the doctor’s instructions and, if the professional authorizes it, take advantage of the help of some natural remedies, such as the ones that we are going to comment on below.

  • Ginger tea.
  • Cinnamon infusion.
  • Infusion of ginkgo biloba.

Also, do not forget to do certain exercises to get your hands or feet moving. Move them around so that they don’t stay in the same position for a long time. A good technique is to rotate the ankles and wrists while moving the fingers.

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