Why does our stomach swell?

To avoid inflammation and eliminate the gases that can cause it, we can take a digestive infusion after eating. It is also recommended to add digestive spices in our dishes.

When our stomach swells, it is not only a cosmetic issue, but it is also a health problem that we must treat before we can suffer from chronic disorders

In this article we explain the different reasons that it may be due to, as well as some natural remedies that will help us solve it in a short time.

Not chewing enough

This is a very common problem nowadays, because we tend to do things in a hurry. Many people eat quickly at work, or on their feet, or while chatting.

When food is not chewed enough, it is much more difficult to digest, so digestion slows down and makes it difficult and our stomach swells, among other discomforts. In addition, chewing well has many advantages, such as being satisfied earlier and eating less without starving.

We must bear in mind that digestion begins in the mouth, since saliva contains enzymes that initiate the digestive process. The better we chew food, the better we will assimilate it.

Intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites are one of the great health problems we suffer from, but unfortunately it is a very silent evil. Not because it does not give symptoms, but because they are difficult to relate to this reason. For example, the parasites cause us nervousness, irritability, appetite disorders, anal itching or tip of the nose and swelling stomach unexplained.

Because some people have a bloated stomach from having eaten something inconvenient, but in this case, we will notice that we get bloated no matter what we eat.

Natural deworming treatment is not easy. Sugars and flours must be reduced or eliminated from the diet mainly, since they are the food of parasites.

  • We will take supplements such as garlic, pumpkin seeds, coriander, hot spices, etc.
  • We can also take a supplement for the intestinal flora and above all take great care not to suffer constipation, which contributes to the proliferation of parasites.

Eat a lot

We can eat healthy foods, but if we overeat, we may also bloat. We should always finish a meal with the feeling that we are still a little hungry. That moment when we feel that we would still have some dessert, although in reality we are already satiated.

There is a good way to get used to doing it like this: we can substitute that final whim for a digestive infusion, which will also help avoid bloating, as we explain in the next point.


There are especially flatulent foods, but there are also people who are very prone to this problem. In that case, we recommend taking digestive infusions, for example of anise, mint and lemon balm.

Another option is to add spices such as cumin or fennel in stews, especially those of flatulent vegetables or legumes.

Food intolerances

In some specific cases, flatulence is due to the fact that we have a food intolerance that we have not detected. The most common are gluten or lactose. Therefore, if we suspect that we may be suffering from them, we should carry out the corresponding analyzes.

One way to check is to eliminate these foods from our diet for a month. Later, they are inserted again to check if our stomach swells or not.

The stomach also swells due to emotional issues

There are also people who suffer from digestive problems for emotional reasons, since the digestive system represents how we digest what happens to us. Those who suffer from it will notice that the swelling is not related to what they eat, but appears on the days that they feel the most emotional tension. To solve it, we can go to a therapist who will perform a treatment with homeopathy and Bach flowers. Relaxing therapies such as massage, reflexology, yoga, tai chi, etc. can also be performed.

Unhealthy dinners

Dinners should be the lightest meal of the day, since at night the body no longer has as much energy devoted to digestion. If we go to bed or wake up in the morning with bloating, we should change dinners.

For example, salads are very healthy, but they are best eaten at noon. At night we will choose better cooked vegetables or creams. If you take care of your diet you will notice how your stomach swells less frequently.

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