10 home remedies to remove excess ear wax

It is recommended that when you want to remove excess wax in the ear, do not use the classic swabs or cotton swabs, as they can cause the opposite effect, producing a wax plug in the ear.

The wax generally tends to “shield” our ears from any hostile visitor, however, there is the possibility of suffering from excessive amounts of ear wax and that is when it becomes a problem. In that sense, so that you can remove ear wax, it is not necessary to resort to expensive treatments, since with home remedies you can achieve effective results.

Remedies to remove excess ear wax

Below we will list the 10 most used and effective home remedies when you want to remove excess ear wax. Before applying homemade solutions on delicate parts, such as the ear, it is essential to consult a specialist, and be sure that we do not have any infection.

1. Salt water

One of the best solutions to remove ear wax is salt water, also known as “saline solution”, since it is easy to get and you can use it from home. Once we apply it, the accumulated wax will soften, which means that it will be easy to remove it later.

For its application you can accompany yourself with the use of a cotton ball, which you must soak in this saline solution, and squeeze it over the ear hole with your head inclined. You should not put more than 2 to 3 drops, and avoid that the ear canal is filled with water. Once the salty water droplets have entered the ear, you should turn your head to allow all the liquid to drain, the wax will be softer and can be easily removed.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

This is another very effective measure for excess earwax, due to its effervescent properties, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) easily removes waste from the ear canal and wax. It is applied in the same way as method number 1.

3. Baby oil

By using a small amount of baby oil, you can remove all excess wax. The way to apply this home remedy is as in the previous case, tilt your head, and using a dropper, you should pour no more than 3 to 4 drops in the ear, then you can put a cotton ball to prevent the liquid from coming out, and leave it like that for a few minutes.

After the appropriate minutes have passed, tilt your head to let the oil out of the ear.

4. Alcohol and vinegar

It is a practical measure that helps to remove excess wax from the ear, both ingredients should be mixed in equal amounts, and also applied using a cotton ball to drop a couple of drops in the ear and thus remove the wax or loosen a wax plug. Always remember to tilt your head to let out the excess liquid that may remain in the ear canal, in this way we avoid any contamination.

5. Warm water

Just by rinsing your ear with warm water, you will speed up the process of removing ear wax. That’s because water generally contains a gentle force, which is capable of expelling wax, which means that it is one of the easiest methods to remove it.

6. Almond oil

Another great home remedy to remove ear wax quickly. This substance helps us as a softener and lubricant for wax, leading to its disappearance being more practical than you imagine.

7. Baking soda

A natural and widely used remedy for abundant wax is sodium bicarbonate. The water-based solution usually contains 10% baking soda. It should be applied in the same way as remedy number 1, in this way we will leave our ears clearer.

8. Glycerin

A fairly common measure for removing hard wax is glycerin. This has a lubricating and hydrating nature that can help you remove compacted wax.

9. Omega 3 fatty acids

Some of the main causes of the excessive creation of wax is the deficit of omega 3 fatty acids. This means that if you increase the intake of this component you will be able to boost your body to solve the problem of excessive accumulation of wax. healing it from its roots.

10. Olive oil

It is a very effective method to remove the abundant wax accumulated in the ears. This substance has the power to soften the wax, transforming its removal process into something simple. Olive oil also has antiseptic properties that minimize the risk of infection in these areas.

Finally, it is important to note that wax is a completely normal substance in our body, made by the glands of the additive channel. Its main function is libation, protection and antibacterial properties. However, its excess can cause annoying conditions.

Remember that this substance is natural and has no other function than to protect you, experts recommend not to get rid of it completely, since it would be exposed to the ears. If you suffer from this abundant substance, you can use one of these home remedies to remove ear wax.

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