3 easy home remedies for gastritis

Home remedies to relieve gastritis and problems related to acid reflux are useful to naturally treat these problems and also to prevent them.

Ingesting an excess of alcohol, smoking or abusing spicy foods are some of the causes that can contribute to gastritis. But also, the stress and anxiety of the life that we currently lead, leads us to suffer from this ailment.

The most common symptoms that we can suffer as a result of gastritis are uncomfortable belching and gas, heartburn or the feeling of being full.

3 effective home remedies for gastritis

Taking care of our diet by avoiding some foods such as sweets, chocolates, coffee or cheeses and taking into account the home remedies for gastritis that we list will help greatly to overcome the symptoms you suffer.

Lemon water

Juice of water with lemon. Squeeze a lemon and dissolve a little of this juice in a glass of warm water. It should be drunk after meals, since the stomach noticing the acidity of the lemon will stop producing gastric juices. This will help reduce the pain caused by gastritis.

Potato juice

Potato juice helps alleviate our digestive problems due to its contribution of alkalinity and also helps treat gastritis.
It is very easy to make it. You can mash a large potato or two medium ones, raw and peeled. Add half a glass of water and let it rest for ten minutes. Then you will only have to strain and drink this liquid on an empty stomach in the morning. Choose those fresh potatoes that do not have black spots or contain any sprouts.

Rice milk

Glass of rice milk with virgin olive oil. Due to its antimicrobial capacity, a tablespoon of virgin olive oil in a cup of warm rice milk will help against stomach irritation caused by gastritis. Rice milk does not weigh on the stomach and is easy for people with no appetite. It is effective for digestive problems, such as gastritis, heartburn, gastroenteritis. It is necessary to drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

Home remedies for gastritis in children

In the case of children, to avoid the transmission of gastritis, we must exercise extreme hygiene through hand washing and cleaning the food that is going to be ingested.

Sugars should be removed since they favor the appearance of gastritis. Instead, they will take apples, white rice, and chicken breast, as well as carrot juice.

Carrots against gastritis

The carrots are home remedies that have anti – inflammatory properties that help treat gastritis so we can produce the smallest one of the home remedies for healthier gastritis: carrot juice.

You need:

  • Fresh carrots (Four)
  • A lemon.

Remove the skin from the carrots well, cut them, wash them and put them in the blender. Add a little water and the squeezed lemon juice. Once it is liquefied, it is convenient to pass the liquid through a strainer to eliminate any traces that may remain and thus make it more palatable for children.

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