5 essential oils that stop depression and insomnia

Millions of people around the world suffer from depression and insomnia. Both depression and insomnia are serious disorders that can have profound negative impacts on your life.  They can affect your mood, behavior, and thoughts, with the potential to put you in a dangerous spiral.

Essential oils for depression and insomnia.

While medication is available, it comes with many possible unwanted side effects. Try these essential oils that are shown to help against these conditions effectively in many people.

1. Roman chamomile.

Chamomile is a popular ingredient in candles, tea, and many aromatherapy products. It is one of the best herbs to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Research has shown that inhaling chamomile vapors with chamomile oil is a natural remedy for anxiety and depression.

Chamomile soothes the mind and relaxes the body to promote a better night’s rest. If you are struggling with insomnia, try applying a few drops of Roman chamomile oil to the soles of your feet before bed. You can also add a few drops to your skin shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizer.

2. Lavender.

Lavender oil has been used for years to help fight depression and insomnia.  Research has shown that it has surprising effects on mood. A study conducted in people suffering from PTSD found that daily use of lavender oil helped decrease depression by 32.7%.

It also dramatically decreased sleep disturbances and bad moods in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. To help relieve stress and fight insomnia, place a diffuser next to your bed and diffuse lavender oil while you sleep. You can also rub a few drops of lavender oil behind your ears before going to bed.

3. Bergamot.

Bergamot oil is known to be an antidepressant. It works by improving blood circulation and stimulating feelings of joy and energy. A 2011 study found that combining bergamot essential oil with lavender essential oil helps treat depression.

Participants in the study experienced relaxation, calm, attention, mood, and alertness. Try rubbing bergamot oil on your feet and stomach to ease feelings of depression.

4. Orange.

Orange essential oil naturally helps reduce anxiety to promote a better night’s sleep. The citrus notes in orange oil have uplifting properties that also help with feelings of sadness and depression.

The best time to use orange oil is at night. Put a few drops on your stomach before falling asleep, or create a softening cream by mixing 1/2 cup of coconut oil with 15 drops of orange oil. Moisturize your skin before going to bed to combat anxiety and insomnia.

5. Ylang Ylang.

Despite its fun name, ylang ylang offers some surprising health benefits. It is one of the most effective floral essential oils acting as a natural remedy for depression. Research has shown that ylang ylang oil can help release negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and low self-esteem.

It has a mild sedative effect that reduces stress levels and helps relaxation. It works to improve confidence and boost mood. Try diffusing it at home or gently massaging it onto your skin.

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