5 homemade recipes to hydrate the lips

The lips can suffer dehydration for a number of reasons that may or may not be linked to each other. For this reason, it is necessary to hydrate the lips and not only externally, since hydration can be done from the inside, either by expanding the consumption of hydrating drinks or by modifying bad eating habits that cause dry lips.

Why you need to hydrate your lips

The causes of dehydrated lips can be due to bad eating habits, as well as an allergy to some foods such as citrus juices, due to the effect that occurs when the lips receive sunlight, also foods such as figs that produce an effect similar.

Some vitamin supplements can cause dry lips. Also, the chemicals contained in lipstickstoothpastes or mouthwashes can cause irritation and subsequent dryness of the lips. These and many others can be the causes of dry and chapped lips, and they can also be subject to weather, health and age.

Homemade recipes to hydrate the lips

Below we list a series of natural solutions and homemade recipes to hydrate the lips.

Olive oil to hydrate the lips

  1. Olive oil on the lips this is a very healthy way to keep hydrated at the same time you can treat problems like partings and cuts, also has a beneficial effect on coconut oil.

Almond oil to hydrate

  1. Virgin beeswax cream and almond oil. Beeswax is used for the manufacture of creams and cosmetic products, since it is very beneficial for the skin. On this occasion you will have to prepare a paste with them, first you will have to heat the beeswax until it melts and pour in the oil and mix. Let them cool and pass them over your lips, you will see very favorable results in a short time.

Aloe vera hydrates the lips

  1. Aloe vera, the components of aloe vera provide your lips with the vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids it needs to stay hydrated. Apply aloe vera from its pulp directly on the lips. Check the properties of aloe vera and how to make homemade aloe vera gel.

Cucumber to hydrate the lips

  1. Cucumber, a slice of this food on the lips gives you back the hydration you need. Cucumber is also beneficial for treating dark circles and bags under the eyes due to its cooling properties.

Cocoa butter

  1. Mateca de cacao, which can also be combined with virgin beeswax and then add olive oil. Although many prefer to simply use cocoa butter as it provides abundant and long-lasting moisture. For more information on cocoa, we invite you to read this article: differences between cocoa and cocoa.

In addition to these homemade recipes to hydrate the lips externally, it is important that you modify any of the foods that make up your diet and that contribute to dehydration. Also drinking the recommended amount of water daily will help you reverse dry lips internally.

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