6 home remedies for colitis

The colitis is caused by inflammation of the colon and among the most common ailments that we generate diarrhea and abdominal pains. This is where home remedies for colitis play a very important role.

A healthy diet in which we avoid excessive consumption of red meat, sausages, cauliflower or lettuce, in addition to increasing our fiber intake and drinking plenty of fluids along with the home remedies for colitis that we are going to talk about, will help to improve the symptom.

Home remedies for colitis based on cereals.

The rice water is the typical home remedy for ulcerative our grandmothers because it helps settle the stomach.

Its preparation is very simple. We need a cup of rice that we will boil with six cups of water. When we check that the rice grains are soft (approximately fifteen minutes after cooking) we will proceed to strain to be able to drink the warm or cold liquid, according to our taste. We invite you to continue reading important information about rice water .

Home remedies for colitis from natural plants

As chamomile is an herb that has an anti-inflammatory effect, consuming it will be very beneficial to eliminate colitis because it helps to reduce inflammation of the colon.

To prepare a chamomile infusion you have to put some chamomile branches in a saucepan and bring to a boil. When it has cooled, strain it and you can sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey.
Avoid sugar while you have it so that inflammation does not increase and you can take full advantage of the benefits of these home remedies for colitis.

Home remedies for colitis based on fruits

Boiled apple is another of the most common home remedies for colitis among the elderly, because the apple has anti-inflammatory properties that act favorably on the digestive system.

You can make an apple infusion and drink a liter a day to act against colitis.

You need to boil an apple (without skin or seeds) the squeezed juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of chamomile flower for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and crush the apple, letting it rest for a few minutes before straining to drink the infusion.

Home remedies to treat colitis in children

In the case of children, special attention must be paid to their loss of hydration due to colitis, so use will be made of foods that have remineralizing and protective properties against infections.
For this we can include foods such as carrots, melons, strawberries or bananas in their diet.

Two home remedies for colitis in children

In the case of children, the natural treatments that we should use may be slightly different from those that we use in adults, but these home remedies for colitis in children could also be used in the elderly, and as a combination with the above-mentioned remedies. to say goodbye to colitis.

Rice water with carrots

A container with five cups of water is boiled to which we will add a cup of rice and four carrots. Leave it on the fire for twenty minutes. After letting it rest, we strain it and it is given to the child to drink throughout the day.

Lemon and grapes against children’s colitis

We mix the juice of a squeezed lemon, with 100 grams of grape, a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt in a container to which we add half a liter of mineral water. Your child can take it in small sips while suffering from symptoms.

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