6 home remedies to prepare with apples

With apples you can create your own home remedies that can be useful to treat ailments, reduce bad cholesterol, to stop diarrhea among many other benefits that these delicious and healthy fruits have.

The apple is a fruit with medicinal uses that have been used since ancient times and that have even led to it being classified as the diamond of fruits. They are very healthy and beneficial for the body, as well as having an excellent flavor.

Nutritional information for apples

Apples could well be called “nutritional powerhouses”, as they contain a number of nutrients that you can learn about below.

They contain vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as a natural antioxidant with the ability to prevent some of the damage caused by free radicals, it is also very effective in preventing infections, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Phytonutrients. Apples are rich in polyphenolic compounds. These phytonutrients can help protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals.

Dietary fiber – A diet composed mainly of fiber can help prevent the development of some types of diseases and can also help prevent the increase of bad cholesterol in the blood.

A rich source of minerals – It also contains minerals like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Apple-based remedies

These are some of the home remedies that you can prepare with apples and with them treat a wide variety of health problems.

1. Remedy to purify the body

In this case we will take advantage of the apple to prepare a remedy with which we will clean our intestine and protect it from new infections.

The idea is that you consume boiled or roasted apples, at least half a kilogram of them. Apples must be free of chemicals or pesticides, so it is essential that you can buy organic products.

2. Avoid high cholesterol

According to studies by the American Heart Association, when dehydrated apples and some prunes are consumed, we can regulate the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

3. To treat diarrhea

Diarrhea and stomach problems is a very annoying state that we have all been through at some time.

To treat diarrhea, we are going to use an apple sauce. Peel half a kilogram of them and take them to the blender so that you get a paste that is thick and easy to swallow, you can add cinnamon to enhance its benefits.

4. Apples to lose weight

Being a food that easily satiates the body, if we consume apples at special times of the day, we will manage to regulate our weight. It is then advised that we eat one of them before lunch and dinner, about 20 minutes before and it will prepare our body to better digest food.

5. Juice for fatigue and stress

Being high in potassium and phosphorus, the apple is very useful to avoid states of nervousness and excitement, making us have more strength to continue our day. By having a glass of apple juice mixed with a little carrot juice for breakfast you will soon see the results of this effective home remedy.

6. Anti-aging mask

Apply the mask overnight just before going to sleep for 15 minutes. In the long term you will see its effect.

Cut a green apple without peel, pass it through the blender until a homogeneous mixture is formed. As soon as you have it, add two tablespoons of honey and another two of milk and with this you will have your homemade mask ready to apply on your face and provide all the nutrients of the apple to your skin.

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