Benefits of salt to treat the skin

Salt is much more than a seasoning. Look at its aesthetic benefits and how you can use salt to improve the health of your skin and body, applying it in a variety of ways.

Salt is a condiment that gives food flavor and although it is advisable to use sea salt and reduce its consumption, the benefits of salt for the skin can give this product another useful life that we always have within reach. hand in our kitchen.

Benefits of salt for the skin

Its excessive consumption has been widely criticized by health specialists, who recommend lowering its levels to avoid heart disease, for example. However, very few know that not only can it be used in gastronomy, but that salt is also used for many aesthetic treatments. It is inexpensive and easy to use.

Salt as an exfoliant

For example, salt can serve as an exfoliator, a process that removes dead cells from the dermis, leaving it soft. A mixture is made with a tablespoon of salt and olive oil. It is applied to the skin with a light massage and that’s it. The results will be optimal over time.

Add volume to hair

Do you have straight hair and want to shape it? Salt is ideal for this. You just have to dissolve the seasoning in half a glass of water and pour it into the hair, shaping it with your hands. You will immediately see how it curls giving more volume to the hair. Without a doubt, it is an easy and fast treatment that can be done at home without setbacks and with only the use of table salt.

Reverse dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff and have used many products offered on the market and it still does not heal, we tell you that salt can be the solution to eliminate dandruff in a very practical way. This helps the cell renewal of the scalp. Take coarse salt and massage it into your hair. It is left to act for five minutes and is removed with a lot of cold water. If the treatment is carried out consistently, say goodbye to dandruff.

Teeth whitener

If toothpastes don’t do their job of whitening your teeth, the salt will do it effectively. Mix the salt with baking soda and brush your teeth for three minutes. You will see how the tone is lightening leaving behind the yellow or brown. It is very simple to perform and will bring very good results for your oral health.

Lotion to treat acne

Pimples and pimples are always the headache of young people and also in some adults. With salt, water and oil, a lotion is formed that is placed on the areas affected by acne and those imperfections that only cause insecurity in the person will soon disappear.

All these treatments are effective, however if they are successful, it is recommended to visit the specialists in each area in order to find the corrective measures individually. Natural remedies can generally be used by anyone because they do not cause serious harm. Dare to experiment without fear.

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