Effective home remedies to treat burns

Burns are wounds on the skin caused by direct contact with heat. There are 2 types of burns, which can be considered as minor burns or severe burns.


The burns that can be treated with home remedies are minor burns, the serious ones, on the other hand, only first aid can be performed so that the injured person can support a little longer while reaching emergencies.

Types of burns

Burns are also divided into:

  • First degree burns:

Burns only affect the outer layer of skin, causing pain, redness, and inflammation.

  • Second grade:

Burns affect the outer layer and the layer under the skin, causing pain, redness and inflammation, and blisters.

  • Third degree:

Burns go deep and cause dark or whitish skin that may be numb.

Home remedies for burns

Making it clear that home remedies are ideal only when they are minor or first-degree burns, here is a list of effective home remedies to treat burns:


Cold water in the burn, if it is not very large or is very red, is ideal since the constant flow of cold water will help to extract heat from the wound and prevent it from deepening. To achieve this, it is important to apply at the time of the burn. It is also ideal to do it every so often or to use water compresses, in order to also make the pain gradually disappear.


Milk is ideal to eliminate the pain of minor or third-degree burns, all you need is to immerse the affected area in the milk for at least 20 minutes. If it is complicated you can also make milk compresses for the same time preferably, or until the handkerchief warms up and does not relieve the pain. It is recommended to wash the cloth immediately after using or throwing it away, as the milk may turn sour quickly.

The greater plantain leaves:

Greater plantain leaves are herbs that grow almost all over the world and are known for their numerous anti-hemorrhagic, expectorant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. What you need are some fresh plantain leaves to crush them until the leaves expel all their juice, and then apply the juice directly to the area of ​​the burned skin, also, you can crush the leaves and put them as a bandage on the burn.

The tomatoes:

Thanks to its refreshing properties, tomato is ideal to help burns heal and improve quickly. Take the tomato and chop it into slices, leave it under cool water for at least 1 minute and then place it as long as you can on the affected area and when removing it wash the affected area with fresh water.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is ideal for burns thanks to all its properties, among which its antiseptic and analgesic powers stand out, which will provide immediate relief to the skin and in addition, this oil has the power to considerably reduce the risk of scarring. the affected area.

What you should do is refresh the affected or burned area with water and then apply the oil by dropping a few drops on the area, with a cotton ball or simply with your finger to small and gentle touches with your finger, using generous amounts to ensure that the whole area is well covered. You can also use a gauze a little larger than the affected area, bathe it in lavender essential oil and put it on the area, and then change it at least 4 times a day.

It is important not to spread with massages in these cases.


Another very effective home remedy is potatoes, since at the time of a burn it acts as a soothing and anti-irritant. There are several ways you can use potatoes; The first is by cutting it and letting the potato juice pass through the entire affected area and it will reduce the chances of future blisters and relieve pain; The second way is to cut the potatoes and wash them with cold water for at least a minute and put on the affected area, this will absolve the heat from the skin and therefore eliminate the pain.

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