Among home remedies for cough popularare soups and broths. Those delicious dishes that the grandmothers prepared for us with all their love and that ended our cough in a jiffy were based on their knowledge and experience, and on the use of the right products to treat coughs naturally.

More traditional home remedies for coughs

Because they knew that a good chicken soup helped reduce cold symptoms and end a cough. Their wisdom led them to add garlic and ginger to help strengthen our immune system and they would wait for us with a good barley soup if we had phlegm.

Honey and lemon

This remedy is one of the best known for treating coughs. Mix the juice of a lemon with a few tablespoons to taste of honey, and consume it throughout the day. In this way we add to the softening and soothing power of honey on the throat, the expectorant force of a fruit with vitamin C such as lemon. In addition, both have antiseptic properties.

Mint tea

The menthol will act as a natural expectorant that makes it easier to expel phlegm. The preparation method is very simple, the leaves are collected from a fresh mint stick and crushed. They are introduced into a saucepan along with two cups of water and it is put to boil. When the water turns yellow, it is removed from the heat, and after straining it is taken by adding a little honey.

Lemongrass tea

This type of tea will help against a dry cough that can irritate the throat and be a major impediment to falling asleep each night. A lemongrass tea before going to bed will relieve a cough and, as it does not contain caffeine, it will not cause insomnia.

Raw onion juice

Effective juice for the treatment of cough using raw onion, to extract the onion juice we will need to pass it through a cheese grater, and in this way, we will obtain the raw onion juice in a more practical way. Mix a tablespoon of honey with this juice and let it rest for half a day. You can use it one to two times a day. This is one of the most effective home remedies for coughs.

Home remedies for children’s coughs

Herbs like licorice root, mullein, sage leaves, wild cherry bark, and elm can be made into a tea with a little honey to soothe a cough. These herbs are very easy to acquire in health food stores that are very fashionable today, for our good.

The essential oils can help unload the chest and relieve nasal congestion when used in a direct massage on the chest in children aged 10 years and older. You can make your own vicks vapoRub at home to avoid the chemicals added to this product that is very effective in treating coughs in children and adults.


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