Home remedies for stomach pain

Colic or stomach pain can be one of the most constant conditions in a person, including repetitive pain in that abdominal area or the uncomfortable feeling of heartburn that causes cramps.


Regardless of the causes for which the discomfort is being caused, the most important thing is to end the matter with the correct medication.

Although there are special drugs that can combat stomach pain, many people prefer to take a more natural alternative that is not so abrasive on their body. Resorting to natural gastric protectors for ordinary cases can be a very effective way that in addition to guaranteeing results, allows relief in a more natural way.

Of course, when faced with these measures, a lot of caution must be taken, especially with children, since it is best to consult all kinds of doubts about the use of home remedies with our trusted doctor. For no reason should these kinds of alternatives be taken into account as miracle cures for chronic diseases.

Remember that when it comes to “natural medicine”, what is good for someone may mean bad for another, check that no component is harmful to your health.

Home remedies for stomach pain

There are natural options so common and ordinary that we can find them on our kitchen counter or in our garden, which makes it great when the pain comes on suddenly and we must act quickly. Such as heartburn, a very common condition in people who consume certain types of heavy foods or considerably strong condiments for daily consumption.

One of the quick and homemade solutions for this is to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water; The precaution that must be taken before this option is to avoid as much as possible to use it daily because it can cause calculations. As well as apple cider vinegar dissolved in water, since vinegar deteriorates teeth and to avoid this it is best to rinse your mouth.

Another of the home remedies for stomach pain is to apply a heating pad that reduces abdominal cramps. The infusion or tea of ​​chamomile or mint can help us with the elimination of intestinal gas. Effective home remedies for stomach pain are mentioned in more detail below.

However, it is also necessary to know what to avoid during these discomforts and abdominal pain, for this you should avoid fried foods, spicy foods and alcoholic beverages. Good hydration and eating small portions of food is recommended while reducing symptoms.

1. Chamomile tea

The chamomile tea is well known in the repertoire of home remedies because of the ease with which, how accessible is prepared and how widely it is used for different treat ailments, from headaches, insomnia, stomach ache, among others.

There are many presentations of this famous tea, from the typical tea bags to its natural version of flowers, in any case, both are totally valid.

To make chamomile tea, all you need is to boil a handful of flowers or the tea bag in a saucepan with water. Once the infusion is ready, you should rest it until it cools down and then drink it, preferably without sugar.

To be more effective, the ideal would be to consume it just before each meal.

2. Aloe Vera

One of the most used plants for home recipes is also flattering for those who want to combat reflux.

The best way to use this plant is by consuming its juice in water, but you must be aware of the correct handling of this, since it must be washed carefully to remove all the iodine it contains.

It will only be enough to dissolve a tablespoon of the aloe juice in a glass of water and drink it just when you start to feel stomach pains.

3. Apple to relieve stomach pain

In addition to being a delicious fruit rich in vitamins and sweet for the palate, the apple can also be a great ally for those who suffer from heartburn. This option is one of the simplest that there is because it does not need any preparation, infusion or special recipe to eliminate colic, it is enough to consume the fruit as it is presented.

Of course, it is clear that before trying it you have to wash it very well with water.

Other options you should have on hand

Good health is not achieved with the constant consumption of medications to eliminate any discomfort that comes our way.

To be totally healthy and prevented from any condition, it is necessary to implement balanced diets that contribute to or help our body and its functions.

So, it is also advisable to follow an exercise routine, as well as to abstain from certain types of foods and for this, it will be crucial to check what kind of consumption we should discard or incorporate.

Although it does not seem of great relevance, hot compresses or friction massages on the belly manage to calm stomach pain, in case they were mild and not so recurrent.

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