Home remedies to treat bunions

Effective home remedies to treat bunions that you can try at home to relieve this annoying foot pain.

Bunions constitute a deformation of the joint of the big toe or little toe (tailor’s bunion) in which said joint, instead of being straight, is angled, acquiring a lateral prominence of the bone. The hallux valgus is a common foot disorder of various etiologies, which can lead to foot pain and significant deformity and is necessary to clarify that not always is synonymous with hallux valgus bunion.

The appearance of bunions is usually due to mechanical factors such as the use of high heels, the use of narrow shoes, being overweight or obese. However, the way of stepping can also affect especially if the person has an angle known as “duck foot”.

You also have to include a certain hereditary component. If the mother suffered from bunions, she is 65% more likely to have them. What’s more, there are men who have bunions only by inheritance.

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Bunion complications

  • Bunions can cause serious deformation of the feet as the years progress: Since the bone is covered by a membrane and joint tissues that over time tend to thicken and generate the formation of dense masses or fibrosis. Which can cause inability in the movement of the skin or fingers and generate severe pain in the area.
  • Bunions are characterized by redness, especially in the lateral part of the birth of the big toe, it can accumulate fluid and present a higher temperature than in the rest of the foot.

Home remedies to treat bunions

Bunions usually appear from the thirties and almost always on both feet, with their characteristic symptoms: tumor, inflammation and redness of the area, pain when walking, formation of hard skin on the nearby skin, etc.

Although the treatment may involve a surgical intervention, there are certain home remedies and natural recommendations that can alleviate your discomfort or prevent its appearance. Here’s how to treat bunions effectively.

Lavender massages

Lavender foot massage can help treat bunions. To do this, 100 grams of lavender flowers and 3/4 of a liter of sunflower oil must be heated in a water bath for 2 hours, over low heat. After 2 hours, filter the oil over a saucepan, add another 100 grams of lavender flowers and heat again in a water bath for 2 hours. Filter the oil and store in a tightly closed glass jar in a cool place. Apply, through a gentle massage, a few drops of this preparation on the affected area to prevent or treat bunion pain.

Apply heat

Apply local heat to the affected area with the help of an electric blanket for 15 minutes in order to reduce inflammation if it exists.

Wash feet in salt water

Put the feet, for 10 minutes, in a container containing 3 liters of warm water with 2 tablespoons of salt to relieve pain if there is inflammation.


  1. Watch your weight in order to avoid obesity.
  2. Wear shoes with a wide toe box and soft and flexible materials, especially under the base of the feet (which is the area where weight is concentrated).
  3. Use spacers to reduce the pressure that other toes and even footwear can put on the bunion. Likewise, they can be made with a handful of cotton. To do this, they can be located between the bunion and the wall of the shoe and between the big toe and the next.
  4. Avoid having bunion surgery for cosmetic reasons only, especially if you suffer from clotting problems, severe diabetes, or poor peripheral circulation. Better to change footwear or correct foot posture.

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