How to fall asleep in 5 minutes with tangerine peel tea

All people have an occasional sleepless night in which they cannot fall asleep, however this occasional sleep problem that does not cause a major problem can turn into chronic sleep problems, affecting a large number of people. But thanks to this preparation with mandarin peel, we can fall asleep in a few minutes.

Benefits of tangerine peels to fall asleep

Restful sleep hours are very important for the body and lack of sleep can cause fatigue, irritability, reduced energy levels, lack of concentration and even disorientation among other causes. Especially when lack of sleep becomes constant.

People who suffer from insomnia often resort to the use of drugs to treat this condition, but the type of drugs used can carry risks due to the side effects that lead after their consumption.

Benefits of mandarin peels

The tangerine peel is very powerful and can help treat indigestion problems, stress, gastric ulcers, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, among much more besides being beneficial to help us lose weight better.

The tea with tangerine peel helps detoxify the liver from toxins and helps strengthen our immune system. Our liver is our first line of defense for our body and detoxifies everything we eat. The tangerine peel will also help maintain a healthy liver.

Tangerine peel tea is ideal for calming the gastrointestinal tract and thus helping with indigestion problems. It has many antioxidants that prevent and shorten the duration of colds and flu. And it also helps with persistent coughs, helping to clear mucus.

Tangerine peel contains hesperidin, which is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent so it is important for arthritis and calms pain and swelling. There are many more benefits that this fruit contains, but to get an idea, the use of mandarin peel is given more frequently in traditional Chinese medicine, it is called chu sha chu and it is used to treat premenstrual syndrome, the stress, liver detoxification, lowering of blood sugar, as liver and spleen tonic, for coughs, colds, tranquilizer, to fall asleep and treat many more problems.

Make a tea with tangerine peels

Fortunately, there are remedies to fall asleep naturally and forget about sleepless nights. We detail the recipe of a drink that is a Chinese remedy with tangerine peels, ideal to fall asleep quickly and effectively, which will help you relax and eliminate those problems with sleep, it can also be used to reduce stress and calm the nerves.


  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Valerian
  • 1 fresh tangerine peel

Preparation method:

The dosage of all ingredients should be at least 1 tablespoon of each ingredient per cup of water.

Put a tablespoon of chamomile, lavender and valerian next to the peel of a tangerine in a cup of boiling water, let it steep, preferably about 10 minutes, then strain the mixture.

Drink this hot drink before going to sleep and you will notice its effects immediately. You can also use it to reduce anxiety levels, when you feel irritable and under a lot of stress.

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