How to get rid of lice with these natural remedies

Head lice are usually a problem that mostly affects children between 3 and 12 years old, however, once they get home, there is a possibility that it will spread to the rest of the family. Far from representing a serious danger, they become a great nuisance; learn the easiest and fastest ways to solve it.

What are lice?

The contagious parasite capable of infecting the hair to feed on small amounts of blood taken from the scalp is known as louse. Its main symptom is itching, which is followed by small wounds or redness that children usually get after scratching.

Although in the pharmacy you will find a variety of lotions and shampoos whose formulations are ideal to get rid of lice and nits or eggs, there are many who prefer to opt for the use of natural remedies. If this is your case, take note and put them into practice.

Natural alternatives to remove lice and nits

Some natural solutions can be of great help to eliminate lice in the little ones, and prevent future conditions.

1. Infusion of rosemary and eucalyptus

The first of the couple of home remedies that we will discuss in this note is the infusion of rosemary and eucalyptus with lemon juice, which you will apply to the affected person’s hair to let it act for 45 minutes before rinsing with water and washing as usual.

Its preparation consists of bringing a liter of water to the kitchen together with some rosemary and eucalyptus leaves. When it boils, turn it off and add the juice of a lemon; wait for it to cool and proceed with the application.

2. Vinegar treatment

For years, vinegar has been the home remedy that kills lice par excellence. For greater effectiveness, it is advisable to warm it up a little before applying it to the entire scalp; take care to massage very well to achieve that it covers the roots. It is important that you apply it to dry hair and let it sit for at least one hour.

For those who find it difficult to bear the smell of vinegar for so long, it is possible to mix it equally with hot water; however, you will have to let it act longer. Enhance the effect by covering your head with a shower cap, latex, or a plastic bag.

The procedure ends, rinsing the hair with water and passing a very fine comb from the roots to the ends in order to drag lice and nits, which will not be complicated, since the vinegar softens the substance that allows parasites adhere to hair and scalp.

Recommendations to enhance the effect

  • Any of the suggested treatments should be repeated at least twice a week for a month.
  • Once you get rid of the lice, continue their use combining them with the usual shampoo, this will avoid a reinfestation.
  • Prevent infections; wash clothing and bedding at high temperatures. In the same way, dry clean dolls and plush toys and soak personal hygiene utensils that are in contact with it with alcohol.

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