How to get rid of pimples with these effective home remedies

Pimples develop under the skin when sebum clogs the pore. In these cases, removing the pimples can cause pain that may persist for quite a long time. In general, these pimples are difficult to treat, the cut or puncture could cause infection and aggravate the problem. But we still have an ace up our sleeve with these effective home remedies for removing pimples.

Increased sebum production in the skin can lead to the formation of pimples. The parts of the body that are often affected with painful pimples are the face, chest and back. This is because these parts have more sebaceous glands. Dead skin cells, along with sebum from the sebaceous glands, clog the pores of the skin. The production of sebum continues to lead to pressure build-up under the skin.

Hereditary factors, in particular, can also increase the risk of developing pimples. Although there are many factors that promote the appearance of this problem, it is something that could be solved. Next, you will learn how to remove pimples under the skin using the natural home remedies.

Baking soda to remove pimples

This homemade ingredient has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are quite suitable for treating pimples, acne, and blackheads. Baking soda cleanses the skin and helps remove excess sebum.

As a home remedy for the treatment of pimples you should mix baking soda and a little water. Then apply the paste obtained on the grains. Rinse after 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can add a little salt to the pasta.

Apple cider vinegar to remove pimples

If you have problems with a pimple that refuses to go away, then the apple cider vinegar is the perfect remedy. The properties of this product help remove impurities and reduce inflammation of the skin.

The application is simple: Spread apple cider vinegar on the pimple several times a day.

Tea tree oil for deep pimples

The tree oil tea has antibacterial properties and penetrates the skin helping to release the pores. It can be applied several times a day on painful pimples using a cotton swab. If you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to dilute the tea tree oil with a little olive oil.

Egg white

The proteins present in egg whites help against skin impurities and acne. At regular intervals of time, you should apply the egg white on the pus-filled blackheads.

Aloe Vera, the effective remedy for acne

Aloe Vera is one of the best remedies for skin conditions because it has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It works best if we extract the gel from a fresh leaf, commercial aloe vera gel can also be used. It is applied three times a day, directly on the pimples and allowed to dry.

Honey also heals pimples under the skin

It is recognized for being one of the most versatile home remedies. Honey can also heal acne naturally. It reduces inflammation in the skin and gives it a smooth texture. To eliminate acne using honey, you must apply daily on the skin and rinse it 30 minutes after its application.

Aspirin to clear acne

Aspirin is effective against acne and pimples. It is basically a mild acid that kills bacteria on the skin and helps heal pimples. You need to crush some aspirin tablets and shake them with a little water to form a paste. Once you have the paste you should apply it on the skin for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Alternatively, aspirin can be mixed with honey before applying to the skin.

Lemon juice as a natural remedy for pimples

The citric acid in lemon juice removes dead skin cells and the sebum that clogs skin pores.

First, clean your face with warm soapy water. Then generously spread the lemon juice on the skin using a cotton ball. You can then use a sterile compress to rub the skin and free the pores. Let the juice dry on the skin and then rinse with water.

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